Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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Keep in mind this is tvrgeek’s opinion. He is not a degree’d engineer or scientist nor has he published papers in technical journals on this subject matter. Therefore, he is not a subject matter expert. Correct me if I’m wrong. Treat his opinion as such

+1 @tonywinga

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Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence.

  • “Extraordinary” subjective judgment
  • “need” subjective judgment
  • There is no logic to this statement, only the OPs wanting proof before purchasing. While the OP is free to spend or not without understanding the mechanics/physics of the product, it is NOT some intrinsic requirement.

Just because it’s expensive and/or one doesn’t understand how it works does NOT automatically mean it doesn’t perform as intended or proof is a requirement

Sure, in an “ideal world” we’d like to “be assured” that what we’re buying is “worth” it by understanding how it works, but manufacturers for self preservation reasons rarely share their R&D findings.

Wishing and/or griping won’t change anything. I don’t “like” paying a premium over box store prices, but this is a hobby. Many of us are after higher sonics regardless on understanding how it works

Actually, I am an engineer, but I referenced the training from CISCO.. You know them. The ENTIRE internet is either Cisco or Huewai.  They know a little about it.  

All for higher sonics, but you won't get it chasing the impossible. READ how IP works. Then make up your mind.   If you are not willing, then keep being taken by carpet baggers. You have been warned. 


Claiming digital audio is just “1’s and 0’s” is a simplistic and naive point of view.  Digital audio has analog components that affect the sound quality.  Thinking you know how IP works is not the same as knowing how it works.  Training is a non-heuristic process used to teach people a specific set of tasks.

And conversely, I have not seen anyone on these forums with the credentials to be subject matter experts on this topic, refute what audiophiles have experienced.

@tonywinga ,

i’m a 30+ year IT professional network engineer with more letters after my name than I can even remember.

It’s irrelevant when it comes to audio. I learned a long time ago that the guy who needs to feel he’s the smartest guy in the room will not be on my team.

No thanks.

IOW, I wouldn’t hire him, lol.