Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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I have an extremely moderately priced Pakedge Switch that I'll probably never part ways with.  If an individual wants to spent 10K or more on a damned switch, be my quest.  

Anyone, please identify, or even a guess what these " other things carried along " are so they could be investigated.  DC offset? RF?  A ground loop causing client ground noise?  All these should be taken care of by the client. Hans is one of the more reliable You-Tubers with professional audio background, but  his conclusion is subjective.  "Other things" falls under the extraordinary claim category. 

BTW, His description of the digital filtering clipping problem is something everyone should read. Also addressed by RME and Chord among others. 

I saw how someone measured a higher client clock jitter outputting to the DAC.  If this was accurate, the difference was small enough that the temperature of the oscillator module could account for it, it could also mean poor isolation in the client device of the power and grounds. It did not include temperature in the measurement.  They did not show if this delta was within the specs of the oscillator. As these were not in ovens, the numbers the suggested  jitter was well within the design limits I am familiar with though parts have gotten better since I was in the lab. 

The transport layer's job is to move bits from host memory to client memory.  After that, all kinds of things can happen.   GOOGLE the IP stack for more information. 

All things physical that are measurable are not audible.

All things physical that are audible we don't always measure.

Sound and hearing are not the same. Sound is real. Hearing is a combination of sound our ears pick up and our subconscious combined. It is not objective. Not in humans. You may very well hear something and no one can tell you if you do or not, but it does not mean it was physical sound. 

Progress can be made only if  we rely on science rather than magic.