Thales Simplicity, Tangential Pivoted, why not more attention?

Reading what's out there on tangential tracking tonearms, it sounds like the theory of it is great, matching how the records are cut, but in modern execution the implementations have enough drawbacks as to override any benefits.
Thales makes a tonearm that brings about tangential results (virtually, anyways, within 0.06% or something like that), without any of the drawbacks associated with tangential arms.
Another tidbit: in a 2019 Stereophile article, it was noted by the reviewer that the tonearm was the most well-built of any he had ever used. That's a compliment that's been afforded to the Thales more than a few times now.
With that all said, why does this tonearm not receive more attention? Is that a domestic thing? Maybe it's more talked about in Europe/Asia.
Separately, between the Thales Slim/Compact + Simplicity and the Brinkmann Oasis + 10.5. Which combo would you go with?
Would love to hear your thoughts!
I have a Thales Simplicity II and love it. It is extremely well built and the cartridge setup jig makes everything so simple. The support from Thales is also amazing. I got my arm used yet Thales was happy to send me a new hardware set and manual at no cost.

Very happy to hear. 
It will be the Simplicity and is now a question of the Thales table or Brinkmann table. 
What do you use yours with?
Still surprising to me that the Simplicity isn't more widely talked about. It and it's younger brother the easy seem to formidably and scientifically tackle a big issue. I'm curious as to whether that's due to something in particular, maybe the science behind it isn't all that it's cracked up to be etc., But seems to be the real deal, which to me anyways is amazing.
It is still an offset arm and subject to skating forces aside from multiple bearings, friction etc. The Schroder LT and Reed 5T are a better approach to the problem with dead straight arm shafts and no overhang. 
When I first looked at the Thales Arm Rube Goldberg popped into my head. The only arm that is more____________ (inset appropriate invective) is the KLaudio arm. Compare either of these arms to the Schroder LT. I think the comparative brilliance of the design is obvious.
The Thales and the Klaudio arm will not be on the market long.
@mijostyn What do you think about the Thales Easy, which seems to alleviate your skating concerns?