The Amadeus's little brother arrives

Apparently, the Well Tempered Simplex is now a reality. Looks interesting, especially considering Bill Firebaugh's comment that it is his "all-time favorite turntable."

Nice and simple. Can this be thought of as the new Well Tempered "Record Player". Or, does it actually eclipse the performance of the Amadeus? What does it cost?
Your guesses are as good as mine, Hifiharv. All I really know is what's written on the blog I linked to. I think the implication is that the Simplex will cost less than the Amadeus. I suppose that Bill Firebaugh's statement that it is his "favorite" turntable may or may not be interpreted to mean he thinks is his "best" turntable.


Hi Bob...the stork hasn't delivered anything yet..or don't count your chickens till they're on the plate! :)
Thanks, Chachas. The blog sure seems to indicate otherwise. May I ask where you got your information? Thanks.
Sure, from Toffco, who distributes the WT's in the U.S.
Tip--the blog is New Zealand based. And no, they're not there yet either.
Besides, I thought you were buying an Amadeus? :)
Thanks, Chachas. So I guess rather than saying "Well Tempered Lab Introduces The Simplex," the blog should say "Well Tempered Lab Introduce The Simplex. Eventually." :-)

I don't know what the heck I'm buying!

Bob, that's a good should write to the blog and see if they'll post it.

Good luck on the buying front. I'll leave you be, just keep me updated on your search.

Take care
is there any more info on the simplex compared to the Amadeus previous generation well tempered reference.

I sold my well tempered reference today with the hope of pulling a few dollars out of my rig and, though the Amadeus is damn tempting, the simplex may be a way not realize a downgrade (maybe even upgrade) will recouping a little.

how does it fare against the other at decks? Is there any final pricing? The one review I read didn't seem accurate when the wta is selling for 2850...