The best $1500-2500 amp to run with Aerial LR5's

Where to start, I am using a Proceed bpa3 with the LR5's and they sound good but its only 125 watts and Aerials need juice.
The amp is only average and I am hoping for some help in picking out a amp to really set of the Aerials.

My system:
Aerial LR5 main
Aerial CC3 Center
B&W's Surround
Proceed BPA 3 fronts and center
Rotel RB985 for surrounds ( 3 Unused channels)
Arcam 92T CD
B&K Ref 50 Processor
Pioneer Elite DVD
MIT shotgun s3 Speaker cables
Various MIT interconnects
63" Philips Plasma

Music: Dave Matthews, ColdPlay, U2, Bruce, Pat Methany, Etc.. Sports in HD,

Thanks all you fellow audiophiles, I appreciate the suggestions.
The Aerials are very open, very detailed with incredible mids and highs. I would classify them as very dynamic with an overall neutral sound. Imaging is open and the sound stage is large. Overall i think the Aerials are an outstanding speaker system. The bass is very tight but not so deep. I use a Velodyne spl 12 as a enhancement to the low end. But I will say that in 2 channel I don't the sub woofer, but i do use it in home theater applications.
Before you buy any of the about try the Nuforce 9v se's they are awesome. Would go nice with your system you can pick up a used one around 2500 to 3000.
I used the Parasound Halo A21 with the Aerial model 9 and really liked the combo. The LR5s use the same drivers as the model 9s minus two woofers.
I could be wrong but I believe that the 9 and LR5 use different drivers - they are larger in the LR5.