The Best AC/ IEC power plug combination. Oyaide, Iego, Neotech

I am looking for the best AC/ IEC plug combination to be used with a solid core copper/ OCC cable.

I found that the sound is significantly influenced by the power plugs, in some cases even more so than the cable itself.

Right now I have "the best" plugs, namely Oyaide M1/ F1 plugs on my powercables,

They are nothing short of amazing, however.

They add soundstage, width, depth, seperation, openess, precision. However, they also lose on timbre and warmth/ emotion.

Now I am looking at other combinations within my chain.

Could you share some light on the following:

Neotech AC - Neotech IEC
Iego AC - Iego IEC
Oyaide with either Neotech or Iego on the other side
or even
Neotech on side and Iego other side

Which plug influences the sound more, the IEC or AC plug?

I was thinking of getting Rhodium copper/ silver AC side and Gold IEC side, basically receiving all the detail and resolution first and then adding a touch of warmth.

Or should I approach it the other way around?

Here are my ideas:

• Iego 8095 ac (silver, rho) and Neotech nc-p303 iec (occ, gold)

• Iego 8095 ac (silver, rho) and Neotech nc-p302 iec (occ, rho)

• Oyaide M1 ac (b.copper, pal) and Neotech nc-p303 iec (occ, gold)/ or Iego 8085 (cop. gold)

• Oyaide M1 ac (b.copper, pal) and Neotech nc-p302 iec (occ, rho)

Or any ideas?

Again, which is more important, the ac side or iec side that influences the sound more?

All personal preferences and speculation.
System synergy also plays a big part.
I will admit that you have asked some really good questions and in order to try to truly answer them would be very labor, time and dollar consuming.
If someone has opinions based upon experience I look forward to reading your thoughts.
Some great questions.  Consider PM'ing Williewonka for his participation in this thread to benefit others.  Willie has done a lot of DIY cable work including power cords.  He might have some input for you.  I'll certainly be interested in what he has to say.

I use IEGO (Gold) male and Furutech Fi-28 Gold IEC on my solid core power cords used on BAT vk-600SE, Einstein The tube MKII and Mcintosh CD player, with a great result.

My experience with IEGO Silver (Male/IEC) as well as IEGO Gold IEC, was not enchanting and found it too bright with a lack of BASS. This is based on my experience with different power cords (Furutech, Transparent Audio, Tara labs and Neotech).

IEGO Gold Plugs are very dynamic and well extended on High Frequency, nice midrange Fr. as well as very good Bass. Beside, they also have an EXCELLENT articulation of music notes especially on piano, strings and voices. This is not the case with Furutech Gold plugs or Neotech which have more warmness and could loose some HF details. Furutech Rhodium male is very neutral and could exhibit some brightness.

IEGO ppower cords are also very good with IEGO Gold Male and Furutech Fi-28 Rhodium.

Neotech NEP-3003 MKII (hybrid) power cord is a very good PC too with Neotech AC (gold) plugs or IEGO Gold male and furutech Rhodium, really 3D effect and detailed. 

There are some useful reviews on this link:
Hope that would help...

@michelzay Thanks for sharing that.

To give some more information about my project:

The cabling will be Audioquest psc+ copper. It is multiple wires/ strands of solidcore, to have the best from both basically.

I have noticed that resonance control has more influence on the sound at the iec than ac plug. The closer, more downstream, fed the more important it seems.

This is aligned with the idea that the last meters in a chain matters more, than the first hundreds meter of wire to your house.

So I guess in terms of influence, IEC will be more significant than the AC.

The question is where to put the gold and where to put the rho/ silver in that case?

In addition, the above got me thinking. Any comment about:

• Iego 8085 gold ac plug with Neotech OCC Rhodium iec plug or

• Iego 8085 gold ac plug with Oyaide F1 plug?

Regarding IEC / Ac male plugs influence on sound quality, there have been some discussions all around. we are talking about 1 to 3 meter PC.! I found more neural IEC plating plugs, would offer better balanced result. Even IEC pure copper (Furutech Fi-15), would sound fantastic in combination of AC gold/Rhodium Male plugs (on pure copper PC)

Audioquest power cords with modified AC plugs are very good, well detailed and well defined images as 3D. I still have one NRG-2 and NRG-4. I would suggest to send them for Cryo treatment too. It will improve its capabilities by 10%-20%. The only problem is that they are 14AWG PC and could not drain enough current for my amp or my preamp! Of course, the Storm series have higher gauges ...

IEGO 8085 gold male would work out fine with any Rhodium IEC. I am not familiar with Oyaide F1, I think your ears are the best judge.  


@michelzay Thanks for your suggestions.

How do the Iego 8085 ac gold plug compare to the Neotech OCC ac gold plug?

Do you have any better suggestions than the above as AC plug?

What is the best IEC plug in your opinion?

Have you tried any of the Oyaide plugs?

I use Neotech NC-P313 Male AC and compared with IEGO 8085, it presents a warmer sound and less details. It is a good choice with Neotech Hybrid (copper/Silver) PCs but not with copper PCs like NRG-4.

Based on my experience, Using IEGO AC male plugs with Furutech Receptacles (GTX-D Gold or Rhodium) as well as Furutech pcs (like Alpha-3) is not a good idea. It kind of slows down the dynamics. Perhaps it is because of non-compatible plating process that two companies went through.

Furutech IEC plugs using based metal as copper (Fi-15plus (C., G., R.) Fi-25 and Fi-28) are better than other IECs brands. They are very good match with IEGO 8085 Male plug.

BTW, what is the PC brand that you are using?
Sorry, I never used Oyaide plugs...

@michelzay The cable will probably be at least NRG 4 or maybe 3 x NRG 1.5 (psc+) in an own design, who knows. It will be Audioquest at least (or in some cases Kimber PK10). My PC will always be full copper, never silver (maybe only for the ground wire if that would be better).

So, do you suggest:

Iego 8085 gold ac plug to Audioquest PC and then which IEC?

I have tried Furutech, but it does not sound good in my system.

How about Wattgate silver's?

My idea right now is Neotech rhodium IEC?

- AQ NRG-4 has multiple noise dissipation layers, it would be a better choice than 3xNRG1.5. Power cord built up against RFI is more important than purity of its copper conductor. 

- IEC Rhodium is not a bad idea. I also tried IEGO 8085 male with Fi-15plus Rhodium IEC ($50), Plating is done on pure copper conductors. IT is a good match.

- Furutech Fi-15 copper IEC is also a good choice. I had a good result using them.

- I didn't have a good result using Silver IEC (IEGO or Furutech Fi-11 Silver IEC).

After all, it is all system dependent.



As I'm trying to better the cheaper WattGates which are stock on my Analysis Plus Oval 2 MK II, and have tried to caught upon all said combinations of Furutech | IeGo Power connectors here, as it seem they're covered more here then anywhere else.

Seeming that my cord has silver conductors, what would be the ideal combination to go as far as AC | IEC connectors from said companies?, as I only have this one cord to mod, as I'm very very happy with an Oyaide Black Mamba-Sigma V2 used on my DAC and only need to address the one above which is then rotated between my AudioMat Arpege 10 Reference | Coda Technologies Unison 3 Ultra Edition | Pathos Acoustics Classic One MK lll.

Any assistance with this would be welcomed.

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