the best bookshelf speakers for Krell400 xi

I am in the market for a new pair of bookshelf speakers for my Krel 400 xi. I used to own ML ( SL3,AeriusI) Sonus,Klispch,Paradigm...I am starting from scratch to build my system. Existing modest equipments are Sony es SACD,Krell 400 xi..I am using a low-end RT14 Polk bookshelf and believe it or not I am falling in love with these type of two ways ( first order cross-over)bookshelf speakers. Don't have a lot of time for audition..I need your expertises in looking for a good two-way bookshelf speakers. Thanks in advance.
b & w cdm 1 and sit an listen to music dwhitt i own the krell and a marantz 8400 player which is in the same vein as sony sacd....the b & w work well ..
IMHO see if you can audition the Sonus Faber Electa Amators. Nice to look at, fast, tonally correct, and great imaging.
polks are quite good. if you like'em, stay there. gradient makes a very nice acoustic suspension bookshelf speaker that works well with krell. it uses the same unisource driver that is in the big revolution. smooth, acurate and far less money than a comparable sonus faber.
When I bought my pair of Dynaudio Focus 140's the dealer was using the 400xi to drive them. The sound was very good. You wrote that you "don't have time for an audition." You are using a quality integrated amp that strongly calls for an audition when looking for a pair of speakers.
You didn't mention music preferences and budget. I would recommend that you look at B&W 805S which will be a good partner to your Krell 400XI. As the previous poster has suggested, an audition is essential as you will get different results with the many choice of speakers. The Sonus Faber sound is very different with the B&W's and it's up to you to decide which one you would prefer more.
Thank you for all the inputs...I have narrow it down to the B&W 805 ( even though I used to own a pair of cdm9nt and I a pair of Sonus/grand piano/home and prefered the open mid-range of the Sonus). Due to my current room size, I need to down size to a pair of bookshelf speakers and I have read a lot of good reviews abt the 805... Diana Krall, Shirley Horne, The fourplay,Acoustic Alchemy,Alex Bugnon ...are the types of music I go to sleep with and wake up for...Again, thank you to all of my new audiophile friends...Regards,
I have a system with Krell KAV400xi, Krell SACD Standard and Aerial Model 5b speakers with the custom stands. I couldn't be happier with this combo. Strongly recommend that you audition the Aerials with the Krell
Cemoore, I am also looking for the Krell SACD Standard to go with my 400 xi but quite a few people have complaints abt its problem of reading certain SACD and the noise created by the Phillip chip. Have you experienced any of the above? Thanks for the input abt the Aerials but I could not find any authorized dealer in my area. Only Tweeter carries Krell 400xi but they use the JMlab/Profile (beautiful speakers but does not fit my ears).I am using PBJ and 8TC Kimber for now. Are you using Transparent cablings as most other Krell owners? I wonder if that makes a lot of differences...Regards,
I'm also using the Krell 400xi & SACD Standard but with B&W N803. I have also heard these electronics with the new B&W 805S, Krell & Sonus Faber Monitors and all have sounded very, very good. I use (generic) pure-silver Balanced ICs with excellent results, a 10-AWG OFC power cord also helps with the 400xi.
I have had no problems with the SACD Standard. I was concerned about noise from the Phillips chip before I bought it but the fact that it was the perfect match for the 400xi caused me to overlook it. In using it daily for 8-16 hours at a time (its at the office) I have never noticed any noise -- just the great music. It does seem like my unit is quieter than the one I heard at Tweeter. I have never had any problem with it reading any SACDs and I have over a hundred of them, all genres from Living Stereos to John Legend. Too bad that you don't have any Aerial dealers nearby. The black 5b is a perfect match for my black Krells, the tight Krell control and the liquid smoothness of the Aerials complement each other very well, at all volume levels from whisper quiet to very loud. I am using Kimber XLR balanced cables and Monster Z series speaker cables.