The best music in 2019

Tedeschi/Trucks Band "Signs"  WOW
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Linda Ronstadt - Live in Hollywood

A great show from Linda and band at their peak, unleashed. Familiar songs without the restraint typical of her studio albums.

Rosie Flores - Simple Case of the Blues

A blues album from Rockabilly Queen Rosie Flores and it works for fans of either genre.

Karla Bonoff - Carry Me Home

Some old and some new songs done beautifully.
@tomcy6, Rosie Flores is wonderful! I have all her stuff, and have seen her live many times, the last time up at Pappy & Harriet's, the roadhouse bar in Pioneertown (not far from Joshua Tree, where Gram Parsons met his maker). She was in the audience at a Jim Lauderdale show there, and he invited her up on stage to do a couple of numbers, her and her aqua-colored Telecaster. What a gal!
bdp24, Yeah, Rosie is really cool. I wish I’d seen her many times, especially out by Joshua Tree. Unless you really dislike blues, you'll like her new one.
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Well ya know Tom, Rockabilly is basically the mix of Jump Blues and Hillbilly. Rosie is awfully good at Rockabilly (and Hillbilly), and without a grounding in Blues that would not be possible. Another singer in Rosie's league is Lou Ann Barton, from Austin Texas. She was in an early version of Double Trouble with Stevie Ray (when he was merely a member), and now tours with his brother Jimmie. Her Old Enough album (produced by the great Jerry Wexler and the not-so-great Glen Frey ;-) is fantastic!
Jenny Lewis "On The Line"

I just knew this one was going to be good. To top it off, the more I listen, the more I like. That's a good thing. She has people like Jim Keltner and Ringo Starr in the studio for this one.
slaw you're right on the money, but you always got good taste....tedeschi trucks, Signs.....WOW!
Patty Griffin "S/T". A monster of a record. Patty seems to be a force of nature with talent oozing out of her pores. Most of her lps I own have come close to presenting her amazing voice as harsh. Not here, this is a wonderful recording.
I have two here, both RSD releases and both at 45rpm...

Courtney Barnett, a two song 12" EP from the "Tell Me How You Really Feel" sessions
Tedeschi/Trucks Band "High & Mighty"

CSN&Y "4-Way Street" The RSD expanded, 3 lp, is fantastic!

JJ Cale "Live"   first time on vinyl, great!
Steven Wilson "Home Invasion Live @ The Royal Albert Hall"

Hearing him live is a different experience from the studio lps, as it should be.
+1.I've been telling my audio buddies this about 21 Pilots last 2 albums. They listen for a bit and turn it off. It is a slight bit difficult for codgers like my friends (and me when I first heard them) to appreciate after 1 or 2 quick listens, but given time--it is great stuff. 21 Pilots albums have been in my cd player and turntable over the last 3 years more than any other artist --well--maybe a tie with Dylan. 
Gp Gr ,
go see 21 Pilots, the show you will see will blow your mind. Saw them in Pittsburgh last week.
took my 12 year old . It was a religious experience for her!! Lol....
Sure there are 7 years old in the crowd .
there fans are soooo amazing though!!!!
its a sight and sound orgy. 
Go see them !!!
I’ve been to hundreds of shows . This ranks very high, as far as fan involvement, lights, spectacle ,
just wow !!!
here is the newspaper review in case you think I’m crazy .
about 23 songs at 2:15 minutes .

I have been enjoying Steven Wilson's Home Invasion and Chris Forsyth's All Times Present this week. Slaw hit the nail on the head with his description of Steven Wilson in a live environment. The recording quality is excellent as usual for a Wilson production. The Chris Forsyth album is terrific. Forsyth is a Philadelphia based guitar player who reminds me of Tom Verlaine from Television. I have several of his albums and they are all terrific. His songs tend to be instrumentals, although he will add vocals from time to time. If you like Jeff Beck type jams, you will enjoy Chris Forsyth. That being said, he is truly original and a great recent discovery for me.
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Restless Heart
New artist for me, love her voice and blues/rock guitar playing
Instrumental prog rock, for fans of Can, Yes, Genesis, etc            Elephant9 w/ Reine Fiske - Psychedelic Backfire II
Nick Waterhouse "S/T"  He's stayed true to his roots and this may be his best sounding lp so far?
Starflyer 59 "Young in My Head:"  this one needs mentioning just for their ongoing, steady music making ability to draw one in.
Three recent purchases worth noting:
From Good Homes- Time and the River. This is their first new release in 30 years. From Good Homes is a great band from New Jersey that has been around the "jam" scene for a long time. The lead songwriter, Todd Shaeffer, left the band in the 90’s to form Railroad Earth which has a more bluegrass sound. FGH’s sounds like early Dave Matthews and this new album is pretty darn good. You can download via amazon or I purchased the cd from their website.
Kurt Vile- Bottle It In- More countrified psychedelic music from Mr. Vile. Clever lyrics, a cool vibe, and unique instrumentation combining the banjo, electric guitar, harp, and laid back vocals. Really original.
Strand of Oaks- Eraserland. The main guy in Strand of Oaks (Tim Showalter) backed by My Morning Jacket. If you like My Morning Jacket, you will love this.
Van Morrison, “The Prophet Speaks”! It came out in late 2018, December but should be considered 2019. Song writing, performance and sound is all A++++!

Big Big Train's "Grand Tour' is really fine- especially if you like Genesis and Peter Gabriel. Interesting arrangements using horns, strings, synths, and electric guitar. Big Big Train is one of the most original bands out there right now.
Purple Mountains - David Burman 
If you like folk with incredible lyrics in a sort of Lou Reed voice .
just listen .... I think many of y’all will enjoy this gem of an album. 
here is a Review to get more back history.

I couldn't wait since you got back to me on this record.

I just did a quick run through on Amazon. I like it buddy. I see it's on Drag City Records. My feeling is it will really sound good on my tt!
Woodstock 50th incredible sound can't believe it has a you are there front and center sound. This release is miles ahead of previous releases which didn't even have the actual Woodstock performance of some groups.

Another great one is the new John Mayall Nobody Told Me, which features some great guest guitar players.
Yes John is still doing it.