The best small bookshelf speaker you ever heard?

The best small bookshelf speaker you ever heard?

Was listening to a pair, while sitting on a sofa in front of a concrete wall. Heard a phone ringing behind me, which I obviously knew had to be a part of the music, yet like a complete an utter idiot, turned around to see if the phone was ringing.

Trelja, were you listening to "Amused To Death?"
Timrhu, in all honesty, while I believe it was not Roger Waters, I have no recollection of the song beyond the phone ringing.

Bud Fried's loudspeakers have faded out of the memory of most these days. Yet, in terms of clarity, that sense of being alive, and obviously, soundstaging, they were way ahead of their time. The Valhalla System, with its time alignment, series crossovers, and true TL loading of the midrange offered a tremendous level of sonics.
The best i've personally heard and now in my own system:


Specially mated with a pre-amp Cary Slp-98 with 6n8s (6sn7) metal tubes...amazing...these tubes i think is much better than other US 6sn7 tubes.

Has anyone heard the MiniStats? From Soundlabs?

Another plug for the Mark and Daniel Ruby or similar.
Approx same dimensions as an LS3/5a, but far better high-end, more open, better soundstage, more efficient, more neutral, more dynamic. It's a damn good little speaker and I've owned most of the 'LS3/5a' clones.