The BEST system you've ever built !!!!

What is the best system that you have ever put together , from source to speakers including cables ??? After all the swaps and auditions I'm looking for the final "aahhh, that's the ticket" sound to you and what components took you to Audio Nirvana. {This is a survey of actual auditions, not what you read in a magazine} THANKS,
Ear buds. I've listened to dozens of high-end systems and logged in thousands of hours on my own ever-evolving system. If you really want to hear what's on a CD, pop one into your computer or portable player and listen through ear buds. Their tiny transducers replay with startling beauty and accuracy the most minute subtleties in a recording in a way no combination of components can ever achieve. They simply have no obstacles to overcome in the way of room acoustics and mechanical compromises. You'd be shocked at the beauty of recordings heretofore relegated to the back shelf because of "harshness" or other shortcomings when played through earbuds. That said, I still tinker with my system and enjoy it immensely. But I propose that he who creates a system that can reveal "truth" of what's on a recording as well as earbuds do will have discovered the audiophile equivalent of the unified field theory. If you don't believe me, invest ten bucks on a modestly expensive set of earbuds and listen for yourself.
I'm a new comer to the hi-fi world. I found out about hifi about six months ago and was instancely hooked for life. Anyways, my curret system is the best systems I ever built.
Krell kps 30i, krell krc 3, krell audio standard, b&w's 801 matrix s3 with the northcreek crossover upgrades. Two dedicated 30amp line to my monoblocks.
Marantz 400OSE 5 disc changer, Perp Tech P-3A (w/ Wright mods) & P-1A DAC and upsampling engine, Creek OBH12 passive remote pre-amp, Air Tight 300B SET stereo amp, ProAc Response 2.5 speakers, and a REL Strata III sub bass system. Cabling is Audioquest speaker wires and digital cable, Tara Labs & Accrotec interconnects. I'm finished for, hopefully, a long while. By the way, the REL works exactly as everyone said it would - simply sounds just like my speakers but with deep, tuneful bass. Effectively expands the overall soundscape and the detail of the other frequency bands.
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This is the best system I know how to build.

First I'd like to say all the silliness that came in the first part of this thread sure was funny.

Like Zane, I've found starting with the Apogee speaker makes the rest easy. I'm now settled in with the only 1 ohm speaker in existence as far as I know, and that is the Apogee Scintilla. Few have ever heard a Scintilla, and almost no one has heard one properly powered. That narrows down amp choices to a chosen few. The one that I am using, like Zane, is a Pass Labs, this one being the X-600. These 600 watt mono blocks are an equal match for the power hungry Scintillas. Sadly there were no amp matches for this spectacular performer when it was introduced. That means there are no enlightened reviews of it. Not even it's builders knew of the Scintillas potential. Voicing this perfect as can be transducer is the little known Jolida-100 with special NOS tubes. Switching duties are carried on by a Pass Labs Aleph P. Sorry to say to those of you who believe auxiliary equipment, like cables, stands, and cones are important, I am only going to disappoint you. My cables are just whatever I came across which happen to be Kimber for the most part. I biwire, and use balanced connectors. I'm in North California, if you care to have a listen. Warning, you will never look at audio the same afterwards. This has been an audio journey with a goal in mind: How to make the Scintilla work for me.

Total system cost, $10,000.