The difference between Qoboz stream vs purchased songs

I am a admittedly noob, so please forgive my ignorance. Recently, have had the pleasure of getting a Innuos pulse mini, what a game changer! I knew that with the mini you cant buy music, only stream. Using Qoboz, is there’s a difference in sq between the two? I live on a fixed income so I have to be frugal and am trying to figure out where it’s best spent. Thanks so much for any info on this subject.



show ANY proof for the below….

With local file playback, you typically bypass any network processing, and even a lower resolution file can sound better due to less digital errors and lower noise.

I wanted to buy my entire playlist so in case Qobuz went away at least I would have the songs it took me years to assemble. Qobuz said they don’t offer that choice so hoped they will be around for a long time. 

I think it is a good idea to download the files that you feel you can't live without. I like classical music and I am fed up with the amount of times that I go to listen to something on Qobuz that I haven't listened to for a month only to have an annoying page flash up with a large OOPS !! That means you can no longer get that stream and it is damned annoying , so buy what you really like from the new streams as they may not be there for very long.

@fredrik222 i have demonstrated this for myself and for many others who have come to listen or for whom I’ve brought equipment to in their system. To me, that’s all that matters and I have nothing more to prove. I am providing this guidance through my own empirical learnings in an effort to pass my experience to others. Many others agree, but there will be people who are skeptical. Those who wish to learn more can also do their own research and experimentation. There is plenty of discussion in this forum that touches this subject.

@edcyn I swear that when i checked(double checked) the spelling it was qoboz, must of been in bizarroland at the time. Thanks for the reality check!