The Expressimo Tonearm Lift by Analog Artisan (Brian Calaio)

Brian is a machinist. He spends most of his time making one off parts for defense contractors. He is an ardent audiophile and in his spare time makes custom turntables. His claim to fame it a very intelligently designed tonearm with remote VTA control! That is right. You can adjust VTA from your listening position. He makes a lot of other stuff including this lift. I waited 6 months for it as he was buried in defence work. Just at a glance the lift is jewel like with elegant finely crafted details. It looks great on the turntable and as the British say,"works a treat." I have no problem recommending it but you do have to be patient with Brian. I believe he has resupplied several vendors like Illusive Disc. 
He is very enthusiastic about his turntables. I have not seen one yet but his shop is only an 80 mile trip from my home and I plan on paying him a visit at some point. I give his lift 5 stars plus!