The future of LAMM without Vlad

As you all know, Vlad Lamm, the designer of Lamm pre and amps, passed away recently. Does anyone have any insight regarding the future of Lamm? Are they going to continue servicing old Lamm equipments? How about the development of new Lamm products as the current models like M2.2 and M1.2 are over 15 years old? Any useful updates would be helpful for us audiophiles.


I actually didn’t know he passed — sad, but glad to hear Lamm is still operating.  I’ve been wondering for a while what’s going on with the company as it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a review or something new come from them.  Maybe I’ve just missed it somehow.

They were reorganizing last I was informed, but we can fix any audio product including Lamm.

If you follow Lamm on Instagram it's funny to watch the deceased's relatively attractive daughter(?) promote the brand while the employees grudgingly soldier on.


I have no particular insight other than my lived experiences, but it's possible they preferred the prior regime under the founder.

I know this. A week ago a asked them a simple question through email and there is still no reply. And, generally speaking, I am not optimistic about Lamm's future.

Does anyone have any idea what Lamm typically charges for repair work? I've got a LP 2.1 deluxe that needs to be looked at.