The King is dead, Long Live the King

It is with great sadness that I heard the news this morning of the passing of blues legend B.B. King.

Blues Boy and Lucille were American icons in the world of American Blues.
Yes BB, The Thrill is Gone.

I can't remember a day going by that when blues was mentioned that BB King's name wasn't in the conversation. Very sad to hear of his passing. Heaven will be a much better place with him playing up there now!

My son and I met him at a concert, and my son, like others there, had a guitar for him to sign. Only problem was my sons' was a Fender. BB gave him a hard time about the Fender in fun, but did sign it. He was truly a class act.

What a long and fabulous career and life he enjoyed. He's gone but his music remains.
He was an amazing ambassador for American culture over the last half of the last century. And a masterful blues man, to boot. He will be missed.
Amazing how many lives were touched by this legend. I can't recall ever hearing one negative comment about him, and all the musicians that he played with through the years, is a testament to the love of his craft. He will be missed but never equaled.