The Latest and Greatest in Digital Coax Cables

It has been a while since I have looked for a digital cable. I am presently using an Illuminati D-60 cable that I purchased roughly ten years ago.

Now, however, I am looking into maximizing the quality of the connection between a Wadia 170 IPod transport and a Meridian 861 processor. What are considered to be the premier coax digital cables these days?

Thanks for any responses.

I suppose, at some price point, someone has manufactured a better AES/EBU cable than the Kimber Orchid. Hard for me to imagine though.
Try to demo Synergistic Research Tesla D3. Great cable with one drawback........Once you hear it in your system you will want to get all Tesla cables!.

I tried 3 digital coaxial links a little while back. One was $150, one was $599, and another was I think $750.

I could have bought any of them... I bought the Stereovox XV 2 for $150... actaully I was about to buy it new and got one for $95 used.

haven't thought of replacing it as of yet.
I have tried almost all of them and found the Stealth Sextet to work best on my CEC TL1x to Dodson 218 DAC, but it is relatively expensive.. An excellent budget cable is the Stereovox.

I also have the iTransport and found an upgraded PC with an adaptor from Voodoo cable to make a big difference over the supplied cable. I use a LessLoss and it sounds great.

I have the Nirvana transmission right now hooked up....this is one helluva sounds sharp as a sushi knife...tonaly correct....bass up the...and captures spatial ques with great realism. If there's something better for the money...I'd like to know.
hi jeff:

is your cable the first illuminati cable, which is very stiff ? i have been looking to buy one for years.

does it have a brass colored metallic jacket ?
the lastest and greatest may be the latest but probably not the greatest.

i think the first ps audio x stream digital cable (spdif) has the best balance between resolution and listenability. i am still trying to locate one, along with the first illuminati data stream digital cable