The most helpful Forum Discussion Topics???

I must say that this 'Forums Section' of AudiogoN has been helpful in any number of ways. Products I had never heard of before, sources for additional information, trends in the industry, plus good natured humour (most of the time) have all been interesting and useful in making the most of this hobby. If I had to narrow it down to just a few discussions, however, I would have to say that the discussions on 'Tweeks' have by far been the most useful in upgrading my overall experience with high-end audio. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that this is a kind of 'Golden Age' in all that can be done to improve the performance and ROI in audio/video systems. There are, of course, dozens of products from manufacturers, but some of the best advice comes from the personal experimentation that audiophiles have discovered in just doing the trial and error adjusting of system componets, the treatment of source material and the listening enviroment.

In any event, I would be interested in your thoughts on what you consider to be the most helpful Forum Discussion Topics and any examples of how this has materially improved your satisfaction in being a part of the AudiogoN community.
Threads that help solve specific issues others are having. You always learn something new from the adventures of others.
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My first response: the ones about which Al (Almarg) comments. Although many of his contributions are over my head, I seem to absorb concepts and methods. Second response: those experienced members who are willing to give an opinion. When I ask for an opinion, I don't want to hear "whatever works for you" although sometimes that response is the correct one. When I fish for an opinion, I want an opinion and take it in context. Third response: Mapman's philosophy and approach which is balanced and helpful.

I agree. This forum is very helpful.
I agree with you Arnettpartners. There seems to be two (at least) categories of Forum responders. There are those who offer there knowledge and opinions in a positive and constructive way and there are those who try to be sarcastic/witty and typically fail miserably in the process. I for one have a lot of respect for those who sincerely want to share their views, whether I agree with them or not. I have a growing disgust for the rather immature bahavior of the latter group.

I hope that in the future, those who really have nothing to say will do the rest of us a favour and basically...'say nothing'.
Ditto to Mapman's response. Thanks Lynne (Arnettpartners)!

And beyond the specific compliments, IMO both your post and Brauser's were extremely well said.

-- Al

You echo a lot of my sentiments. While I've had my (moments), I gravitate towards the (music). This topic seems to get lost in the terms of most important topics of discussion.

Those who've responded here that seem to be a (friend) of the nature of your topic, don't offer their opinions on the ongoing threads on music that I've noticed. If, indeed, music IS the reason we are all involved here, why aren't more members posting on their music recommendations, their likes/dislikes, their current purchases on the ongoing music related threads?