The New Dynakit


I attended the Vacuum Tube Valley show in NJ (May 6/7, 2006) and was most impressed with the new Dynakit ( and so apparently was Gary Krakow of MSNBC (See other comments here as well: Dynakit sells parts kits as well as individual replacement parts, including chassis, for the old units. I spent some time speaking with Kevin Devaney about the kits, including a walk through of the manual and a look at a partially assembled kit. Kevin has obviously put a lot of time and effort into getting this right and ready for market. (One of his associates mentioned that Kevin has put something like five years into this, and it shows.) The parts quality is outstanding (and all US sourced). The assembly procedure is extremely well planned and the manual provides all the pointers, tips, and tricks of the trade that an experienced assembler would know. Putting all this in the manual will make it easy for even a first time builder to have a Dynakit that looks professionally assembled. After showing the online manual to an EE coworker of mine (hardware engineer with 20+ years of RF design experience who repairs vintage audio as a hobby) he was most impressed and thought that the 35 could be easily assembled by a newbie in four evenings. (As an aside, the new Dynakit as no association with the current Dynaco.)

Wow, these kits sure are low cost! They LOOK like kits. Not as polished as Bottlehead but the intergrated solution sure is alot cheaper route to go. Wonder how good they sound
Merging Dynakit & Dynaco still wouldn`t create a viable co. with staying power.

I listened to the model 35 with the Omega Super 3 XRS speakers and the sound was wonderful.


Care to elaborate on why you feel this way? I don't know anything about Dynaco. However, after meeting the folks running Dynakit, I'd say the new Dynakit company is well run. From that perspective I think they have staying power.