The new dynamic in speaker pricing

Yesterday I received the latest issue of the Absolute Sound mag. This issue has the round up of the varying speaker manufacturer’s wares along with the retail pricing. One thing that struck me is the number of speaker manufacturer’s who have a speaker in their line up that cost close to a $1M!! There are good number of speakers now available with prices in the $700K+ range. A few manufacturer’s are also a little ’glib’ with their top model pricing, such as Oswalds Mill--who state- price upon inquiry only!

This new speaker pricing dynamic is interesting, as it clearly indicates that there are buyers out there who are happy to pay these prices and presumably enough buyers to make these products viable. A trend that is certainly interesting and yet questionable as to how it will impact the hobby as a whole.

Opinions on this trend?



These manufacturers know that the people who pay these exhorbitant amounts are almost never audiophiles. They also know these buyers are the most easily sold a bill of goods in terms of value. "

Kind of a broad statement don't you think? Plenty of serious audiophiles with big ticket systems over on WhatsBestForum; and elsewhere.

There will always be folks who earn seven figures or more. If these folks haven’t stolen their earnings, why on earth would folks begrudge what they purchase?  If I earned more, I certainly would have a bigger house, better system, better cars, better clothes… and the list goes on and on.  I buy what I can afford. They buy what they can afford.  Why do folks have such an issue with other’s spending habits?  It’s life. There will always be winners and losers.  Everyone doesn’t get a participation award. 

Everything in this world is worth exactly the intersection of what a willing buyer will pay and a willing seller will accept.

I expect that any enthusiast with the means would have the finest system available to him/her, cost no object. So they may be making THEIR value judgements with speakers with 6 figures, while others do so with 5 figures, or 4 figures, or 3 figures.

Its like driving … we all think someone going 10 mph slower is a moron, and 10 mph faster a maniac.

So there is a thin line between moron and maniac LOL.

Anyone can spend money how they wish, it is their perogative. I guess my point was pretty much missed across the board. It seems to me a majority of those willing to spend high 6 figures for speakers end up spending about one percent of that on their listening room/acoustic treatment, if even that much. And to me that makes zero sense. If any of you are one of those lucky enough to have been spending high six figures on speakers and 5 % of that on your room acoustics, I apologize.

sounds pretty daft to me. You can buy 3 Ferraris for that money and impress way more people