The Next Upgrade is What?

Like many I am thinking of the next improvement to my system and want to do so without spending much money. The room has been tuned and tweaked pretty well.
The basic gear is as follows: Snell CV speakers, 2 NAD 2700 amps, Linn Kolektor pre. Rotel RCC 1055 cd, APC H10 conditioner, Straightwire Virtuoso speaker cables and Naim speaker cable. Monster interconnects pre to cd and Straightwire pre to amps.
The wall receptacle is one of Mr Porter's little projects but the power cable to the conditioner is original APC. The power cables on both amps a hard wired in. ouch. So I was thinking what would give me the greatest level of improvement short of replacing components? I have those giant Soundlabs on my wish list with Santa but he just filed bankruptcy I am told. Would the power cord to the APC conditioner be best. Can I rewire the amp pwer cord myself? Hey how about those naim cables on the top half of my speakers? Thanks in advance.
Room acoustic treatments. no matter what equipment you put in your room, you will benefit from them. Also, the least amount spent and the biggest gain. Last, the most overlooked part of a stereo.
go to

They have a cable lending library (not gotta call them) and do some fun trials.

You need to replace the cable connecting your source to your preamp. That will make the most difference, and is definitely in need of changing.
yep... cables. Specifically ICs. Next, speaker cabling. nextly the power cord to the conditioner... and/or another step up in conditioner... in that order.
I believe your music could be improved by upgrading your interconnects and maybe speaker cables. Also if you’re main AC line going to your Porter Port is not a dedicated line I would most definitely recommend that first. I’ve always found it a major pain to remove a hard wired AC power cord, recut the hole, install the proper connecter etc. If there is room to do the job, and it could be done neatly, when you go to sell the amps because of the modification you will probably have to sell for less dollars. In the long run I’d purchase a new or used amp instead of taking out the hard wired power cords.
OK good info. It sounds like the next thing should be the interconnect from the from the cd to the preamp, if that will yield the best result. And then on to the speaker wire. I am guessing the Straightwire Virtuoso should be fine to stay and the Naim go?
What's wrong with the APC ?

The Porter is on a dedicated circuit and all the room tweaks have been done.
Any recommendati0ons on the interconnects?
I agree with Jtwrace... sound treatments are a must. You won't know what your system is capable of until you effectively treat your listening room. I used GIK Acoustics and got a lot for my $700.
So, tell me Pdreher is the dog part of your bass trap system?
I have made my own sounds panels with material over fiberglass panels works pretty well and I don't have to feed them.