the odyssey khartago

has anyone compared the khartago with other comparably powered ss amps ?

what diferences in tonal balance did you perceive ?

If you do a search on odyssey khartago in the forums , it will bring up some past threads that might be of some help.
thank you for your responses. i have read several reviews and am concerned based upon what i have read on audionervosa, that this amp may not be warm enough.

i prefer as much warmth as i can get.

i won't use the word "tubey" as it has been mentioned in other threads.

i wonder if any ss amp can compensate for a poor sounding recording, especially sibilance.

just thinking out loud.

i may have to call some of my manufacturer contacts to get some direction on this matter
Electrocompaniet amps will do exactly what you desire.

Based on your comments they make SS amps right in your sweet spot.
You could call Odyssey, and try to talk to Klaus, who is a helpful, smart, and very straightforward guy. I enjoy my Stratos Dual Mono, but I don't think warm is the first word I would use.


The fact that you are able to talk to the person fabricating your amp made the difference for me, and I don't speak chinese so...otherwise they both sound fantastic for the money imo