the police SYNCHRONICITY best CD version is?

hello what is the best sounding version on CD of the police album Synchronicity? well actually mostly interested in the tracks wrapped around your finger, every breath you take, king of pain. so they are available on the greatest hits albums as well. I previously had the message in a box discs from 86 ? Thought it sounded excellent then got the every breath you take SACD hybrid playing the Redbook layer thought it sounded very similar. Now purchased the remaster of SYNCHRONICITY from 96 immediately noticed it sounded screwy quick comparison validated I was absolutely correct. So what's the best version in your opinion?
There is a SACD hybrid of Sychronicity itself from 2003.
Sounded better to my ears to the previous re-mastered Redbook but not by a great distance.
MFSL Ultradisc...hands down, the closest to sounding like tape. Excellent resolution.
I'm with Babyjdrums. The mfsl is excellent. I have the sacd, the box set, and the previous remaster. Get the mfsl. They did great on this one.