The speakers along your journey, do they signal a trend

Having worked in the early days of audio there was thought to be two distince schools of sound, West Coast (JBL, etc. ) and East Coast (Advent, KLH, etc.)  Likely an over simplification.  Later a "British Sound" was added to the written and verbal "thoughts".  My question is, does anything like that exist now....a thought/feeling that different areas of the world/U.S. are associated with a "sound".   It is odd that with the Japanese invasion of mid-priced Hi-Fi, Yamaha, Sony, Kenwood and others was for the most part electronics and rarely speakers. 

I am a bit out of the world of Audio now, is there any propensity to associate a "sound" with a region of this country or any other country.   Kind of like:  Is there an Iceland sound?,  Is there a Poland sound?  (Trying a little light hearted there, usually those attemps bomb)  /As a bit of a disclaimer, I in the last 20 years or so have had mainly Audio Research, Conrad-Johnson, BAT, Classe, etc. and Magnepan, Martin Logan, as you can read into it what pre-conceived notions I may have...Like I still think the Studebaker Avanti was a cool car and at Baskin-Robbins I still get Vanilla. 

I believe most Canadian companies take advantage of a government built anechoic chamber for testing. This may result in some commonality of sound.
Japan had speakers that received the moniker "Kabuki" sound. A forward midrange, bright top end and rolled-off bass. But they were quite efficient and driven well by low-power tube amps. Unlike the American acoustic suspension speakers of that era.
I confess to having two pairs of these "Kabuki" speakers in my collection: Coral and Sansui. I wonder how they would work with my Sanei 2A3 SET amp?
Bought a pair of Altec 604-8G's in 1977-78. Had GPA rebuild them and then built new cabinets in 2016. Everything else has changed but the speakers over the years