The Thor TPA 150 Monoblocks are incredible

I just received a pair of the newly released Thor Audio TPA 150 monoblocks.
I am totally in awe!
These are the finest sounding and most beautiful amplifiers in the world; after owning a number of well-known reference amplifiers and attending 5 straight CES's (lots of time at the Alexis Park) I have had much to compare them with.
If you get a chance to hear and see these new REFERENCE monoblocks you too will be amazed....yes I realize they are indeed expensive....contrary to other expensive products, these guys are worth it!!!
You wouldn't happen to have an interest in this product ala manufacture, rep, investment, or sales dept. would you. It sounds just like a magazine add.

If you've heard Thor products you'll know Musicdesign's enthusiasm is not misplaced.
How about telling us about your system and where you auditioned them or from where borrowed them, so we can put your comments in some kind of context? Are you a dealer or associated with one, as your moniker tends to suggest? Interesting...
I agree with Ohhwy61! Many who come in contact with Thor will come away impressed.

On several occasions, I have come across Thor equipment, and have been absolutely smitten. A warm, very rich sound. Of course, it does not come cheap, but there are perhaps the ticket off the merry go round. A lifetime purchase?

If this also sounds like a magazine ad, so be it...
I've heard Thor gear too, in a demo of CD players. I still remember clearly the sound. It left a vivid wonderful impression on my mind, but I cannot afford it. It sounds to me like Musicdesign could have just gotten excited and wanted to tell his/her friends here at Audiogon. I had a similar reaction to the Audio Note DACs.

Some of the comments in this thread remind me of the current state of America: trust no one, second guess everyone's intentions. How can we live together into the future with this state of mind?
I've only heard the 30 watt stereo amp and the original preamp. It was at Holm Audio (suburban Chicago). I believe the speakers were Alon Circe. It sounded so good! Is it the best? Probably not, but I can't really say that I've heard anything that is really better.

BTW, I do have a link with Thor. My mother goes to church with a woman whose bother-in-law's nephew is the school bus driver for the son of the under assistant to the west coast promo man for Thor.
Hi; I am new to Audiogon. You may have noticed I recently had a pair of TPA 30's up for sale, needing some investment capital. Well I couldn't do it...I couldn't let them go..they are that cancelled.
The original thread is probably not overstated.
If the TPA 30's sound this good (driving my Martin Logan Prodigy's..not an easy load), I can't imagine how good 150 EL-34 Watts of Thor Audio quality would sound.
Put them on my wish list.
Happy Holidays to all!
It sounds to me like he found the missing link in his system. Great things last ; if you still have them in 10 years then they are great. Just my humble opinion though. I do know what you mean when you just find that majic combo. Dredster
Rocky2000, I have a pair of Martin Logan Prodigy's and find it very hard to believe that 30 watts could even begin to drive these speakers?? I have Wolcott p220 tube amp's and they at times seem to run out of steam. The prodigy speakers love power and at 30 watts I wouldn't think you would even to begin to get good detail out of them!! 30 watts just wont do it for these speakers,the Thor may be good, but I don't believe it is that good.