The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance

This is a journey through real life experiences from you to everyone that cares to educate themselves. I must admit that I was not a believer in power cords and how they affect sound in your system. I from the camp that believed that the speaker provided 75% of the sound signature then your source then components but never the power cord. Until that magic day I along with another highly acclaimed AudioGoner who I will keep anatomist ran through a few cables in quite a few different systems and was "WOWED" at what I heard. That being said cable I know that I am not the only believer and that is why there are so many power cord/cable companies out there that range from $50 to 20-30 thousand dollars and above. So I like most of you have to scratch my head and ask where do I begin what brand and product and what should i really pay for it?

The purpose of this discussion to get some honest feed back on Price to Performance from you the end user to us here in the community.

Please fire away!


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I started reading this to see where it got me, the one thing i actually find interesting is AQ Niagara. Hurricane however good it is, seems absurdly expensive. Talking PS Audio's R20, I'd rather put 10K $ on acoustic treatments.
If all cables act like a filters to some degree and none is perfect and will never be, then there is no grail power chord or any wire/ cable out there since it's always system dependent?

Sometimes the truth is so simple that it is taken for a lie. The only way to avoid any kind of filtering-effect is to run solid core copper of adequate size, shielded is a plus but not neccesary in most systems.

; you are right, no pc can actually improve the current even if a 6-7ft long heavy solid-core pc will slightly improve the flow from a stranded in-wall cable because it will act as a condencer to the powersupplies.