The ultimate record collector?

As someone who has wondered and who also frequented Paul Mawhinney's Record Rama shop many times over the years before he had to close, thanks for sharing the link to this story. It's interesting that the article omits any indication of what the Brazilian buyer paid Paul for the collection.
There’s a story in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that’s closely related to the NY Times story linked above. Here’s a link to the PG story:

Despite the sale of Mawhinney’s collection for “an undisclosed price” to the Brazilian collector, there are two other very large private record collections that still remain in Pittsburgh – at least for now.
That New York Times article also mentions this Brazilian nut
also purchased the collection of the legendary "Music Man" Murray in L.A., Another massive horde of vinyl.This musical landfill was so littered with beat up,unwanted,uneeded,and generally undesirable records it was impossible to sell for many years,especially for the outrageous and unreasonable price asked. Perhaps,In reality, this siphon of vinyl is doing us a favor by taking these off our hands and out of the country.As they say in Brazil..."Viva Mantovani!"
I don't understand how taking these "off our hands" does anybody any favor, besides the seller.
Wow! Millions of Records? Afficianado or Collector?? Methinks incredibly indiscriminate. Makes my hobbyist collection of 14,000 or so albums- classical, jazz and rock- and ~5000 rock singles from 50's to 70's seem seem mighty paltry! (but I've bought what I've liked over the last 48 years- and kept a decent player to enjoy them in my retirement). Will tell my friends about "real" collectors; as they think I'm over the top!
Music Man Murray sold me many outstanding records in the 80s.I bought Champion Jack Dupree on Green Atlantic (you read that right,Green)Charlie Parker on a Dial 78 for $3.I still pull records to play that have his tape sticker on the back that you couldn't get off with a blowtorch.Went to a sale in Vegas once,nothing left but a ton of Fantasy Twofers.They told me "Music Man Murray was just here and bought everything else".Curse you Murray.He was a bit of a rascal at the Pasadena Record Swap,but who's at their best when they got up at 5 A.M.? I have fond memories of Murray.One of the real characters I have met in the world of Vinyl Addiction.If I drank I'd tip one to you Murray,so instead I'll just play one of LPs with that damn sticker on the back!
M M Murray certainly has his fans! His old store on Santa Monica Blvd. was stocked to the gills with grade Z vinyl not only in condition but in actual content.A trip to the back room,after a considerable wait,for a specific title would produce a record virtually unplayable and so overpriced you would think it was a joke.I remember I DID actually buy a record there once,and that sticker will outlive us all.That record store was one of the last in L.A. that time forgot and one trip there would send me to one of those bars on Western for quick couple shots.