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I assume everybody here is tired of e bay's  no nothing redneck  record "dealers"? These hillbillies  are killing any enjoyment left  in  in a declining business .I'm  sick of it!.  Expensive AND chit quality! 

I have to admit smart folks dropped vinyl 20 years ago. The genius dropped it in the 90's. Once rock and roll became declasse,, this thing died.

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I spend around $300-$500 a month on vinyl.  Mostly new, but some used.  While I don't use E-Bay the most, all of the LPs I've bought so far have been perfect.  Many excellent sellers and the prices are decent.

Not sure what you are buying, but I sure don't feel the same way you do.
Some of us "hillbillies," and "rednecks," were the "smart folks" who built our record collections when the "geniuses in the know" were dumping their record collections at garage sales and thrift stores after they bought into Sony’s propaganda campaign of "Perfect Sound Forever."

Although its getting to be slim pickings comparatively speaking, good records can still be found at garage sales, thrift stores, and elsewhere for those not to lazy to hunt for them.

The same can be said for CD’s. I was looking through the CD’s at the local Goodwill store recently when a man walked by with his young son and commented to me that "CD’s are sooo 1990." I didn’t ask for his opinion, but he rudely offered it anyway. I was left wondering if he was enjoying his MP3 player.

Me thinks the OP "assumes" way too much.

Overgrading is common on ebay and I think getting worse. But not everyone does that, besides, some records are difficult to grate accurately. Original pressings in NM condition should be expensive, pay or leave.
Check out Discogs dot com for used LP's and CDs. It's a worldwide site, but there are many good sellers in the US and UK. Accurate grading; I've had very good luck buying there.
Collectables are expensive, but mass produced issues can be very inexpensive.
Redneck hillbilly record dealers? There are used and collectible record dealers all over the country, and have been for many years. I started buying out of Goldmine Record Collectors Magazine in 1976. I recently bought Mint- copies of the Robert Ludwig-mastered first two Band albums on ebay for about ten bucks each. What you talkin' 'bout?!
Its like most areas of buying sight unseen, you need do your homework first.
Feedback on eBay can be very useful as well the sellers other items for sale.

I think out of all the vinyl I have purchased on eBay and Discogs only 1 album fell way below my expectations.

Of course I really prefer a trip to my LRS so I really know what I am getting but that is another story!
Ebay is great if you like garbage i would never get LPs there although each to his own.
Jesus EBM, why don’t you just flat out insult me!

Your statement infers that I am quite happy spending my hard earned money on "garbage" vinyl!

I've bought some really fine records on Ebay at fair prices. Bought some dogs too. If I haven't bought from a particular seller before, I always send a message to them saying that I'm a record collector and expect their grading to be accurate. I also tell them that if they misrepresent the condition, I will give them a negative feedback. I've only had to do that one time. The "redneck hillbilly" listed the record at NM ... when I got it, it was ready for the vinyl recycling bin. So,  his feedback from me read: "Do not by vinyl records from this person. Their grading system is a fraud!"

I've found some good sellers on Ebay. For used vinyl I check all items they have for sale to make sure they are not records pulled from the garbage pile and also check their past sales.
The good sellers will have a consistant amount of quality vinyl.

I've returned a couple of LPs and the sellers had no problem with that.
There are sellers to avoid, but I dont understand the term "Redneck hillbilly record dealers."

I gave up listening to vinyl about 2 years ago and one of the reasons was the poor quality of the lps.  I’d buy something listed as VG or better and it would frequently arrive unplayable.  I fought with a few dealers but that gets old.
  I used to work in a record store in the 70s.  Many of the new lps we sold were just awful and we were always fighting with customers over returns.  I came to realize that many of the lps I was buying were those same lps, only someone played them for years, then probably stored them in basements or garages for a quarter century
before selling them off

CD’s at goodwill.

Vegas goodwill is a treasure island for CD’s. I am still amazed at the selection. Las Vegas is also still a hot spot for vinyl stores too, but you have to be hooked up with the right folks. Saying that, the grading certainly has loosened the last several years over all. It seems like this might even be a generation thing.

I still pick up vinyl for friends but I too have moved on from tables. About the vinyl revival. The vinyl revival thing I don’t see happening in my town (at a high end level). There was much talk about the TT coming back a couple of years ago, but I must have missed it. Not saying that in a bad way, just saying I didn’t see it take place locally.

Michael Green

Sorry uber i have had no luck on ebay maybe you got some cool stuff.Good luck!!
No worries my friend!

I agree there is a lot of junk on ebay for sure, just I have gotten pretty good at picking out the chaffe I think.

However I will agree I still much prefer to buy from my lrs where possible, but for those rarer hard to get albums not always possible!