Theta DS Pro Gen VI - update

This may or may not be news to all of you, but it was for me. I just phoned Theta to clarify a point regarding an option on a DS Pro Gen Va. After doing so I solicited comments about the possibility of a Gen VI. The response I received was, "Gen VIII." I said, "what?" Response, "I'm looking at a Gen VIII right here. It's in pieces." Q: "Is there an upgrade path from the Va?" A: "I don't think so, this looks completely different."

I inferred that there is not going to be Gen VI. It seems clear that the speaker didn't believe an upgrade path existed, which would imply that the "VIII" won't have the "DS Pro" nomenclature because this would be inconsistent with Theta's upgrade policy. It's important to note the use of the words "think" and "looks" in the last sentence of the previous paragraph.
could be theta is following the henry ford system. recall that the model t preceeded the model a. -cfb
About four months ago or so, I e-mailed Theta inquiring about the Gen 6 and was told it would be available in January unless there was a major problem/interuption. I will e-mail again and see what the scoop is here. I would be surprised that Theta wouldn't want upgrade $$$.

Who knows when it comes to Theta. I sold my Gen Va months ago. I gave up on waiting for the Gen VI. Every time I emailed them about it I was told that the Gen VI was going to be out in the next 6 months. They announced the thing in January 1998! I doubt very much that a Gen VI or VIII will appear by January 2002. They make quality digital products but when they started making surround processors (two versions of the Casablanca already!)and multi-channel amplifiers instead of upgrading their two channel products I new it was time for me to move on.

Who did you talk to at Theta? I called Ed Dietermyer of Theta in early September and he told me that the ProGen VI would be out in January or early next year and that the ProGenVa would indeed be upgradable.
I didn’t write the name down, but I believe he identified himself by what I assume is his first name, Adam, when he answered the phone. I could be mistaken. I got to him by telling the “operator” that I had a question about an upgrade.

I trust my original post was clear in stipulating that I inferred something based on a statement he made. Even his statement, the only hard bit of “evidence,” couldn’t reasonably be misconstrued as declaratory in nature. It left plenty of room for alternative outcomes, and his choice of the word "think" indicates uncertainty. Never the less the statement may have been telling.

Today, I received an e-mail response from Ed Deitemeier at Theta Digital. I e-mailed him after reading this thread on Saturday. Here is his reply to my question:

"Our intention is to introduce the Gen VI in January at CES. The "Gen VIII" designation was just a joke at the factory. You will most emphatically be able to update your Gen Va to Gen VI (or whatever it ends up being Called)."

I hope this clarifies the issue unambiguously!!!

OK, well that's good to know. I hoped that a path still existed, and what I was told seemed inconsistent with an unblemished history of product support & upgradability. I also hope that they'll continue to innovate in the two-channel market as well as what is most certainly a more profitable multi-channel market.

P.S. Have you ever managed to "squeeze" a Gen VI price or upgrade price out Theta?
I have never asked about price. I have just assumed all along that they wouldn't talk price until final product is out. I am hoping that they will have several upgrade options such as: DVD-A, Regular CD, etc

As far as 2-channel, I believe they will continue to promote it. They were just bogged down developing the new Casablanca and the amps. Apparantly, they have been quite busy with upgrades for the Casablanca.