Theta Jade and CDR's

Does anybody know if the Theta Jade plays CDR's, specifically , the kind made on a computer? Need to know soon. Thanks.
I have had no problems with my Theta basic II to my theta Gen 5 a. Granted that is not the same machine but...close?

Interestingly, I haev found the sound from a CD burned on a basic sony cd burner to sound flat and musically not very good. I have also listened to a CD which I think was burned on a higher quality CD burner which had a seaparte power supply ( i think marantz) which was very good and probably as good as the original
Nodaker, I'll check tonight to see if CDRs work with my Theta Pearl. It uses the same Pioneer Stable Platter mechanism as the Jade.
Nodaker, sorry I took so long. The Pearl does play CDRs. You may want to check with Theta, but since your Jade and my Pearl share the same mechanism, I don't see why it wouldn't. Good luck!