Thiel 2.3 2.4 coaxial drivers filled with ferrofluid or not ?

I have a questiin about the thiel 2.3  2.4 coaxial drivers maybe sombody can answer 

I have mailed cohorence speaker service 2 times with this question but they didt not replying (sadly) so now i trie it this way

I have some drivers that i want to sell but i want happy buyers  i dont want to sell them when i dont know for sure if they stay working  for a long time because of problems with them deu sticky dry old ferrofluid ?

Thanks for the replys in advance


You should ask this question on the Thiel Owners thread, someone there should know.

You could PM member “jafant”, he is a big Thiel fan and can probably answer your questions. 



Thank You for the kind words.  I hope that you are well and enjoying good Music today.


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Yes. Those drivers are Ferro-fluid filled. Luckily, each model can be rebuilt by Mr. Rob Gillum at CSS.  I hope this is helpful to your cause.


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Thank You for the Thiel Owners thread mention.


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