Thiel CS3.5 vs CS3.6

Hello all
I'm still (always :) on the quest for new/better/different sound, and there is a pair of 3.5's local, somewhat...and of course I'm also considering Martin Logan Quest Z's (that thread started out as Quest Z (local) vs Kappa 9's).

So my question is, are the 3.6's that much better than the 3.5's, as the AVE price is almost double...and I see a pair of 3.6's in TX but that would add shipping...
An audio buddy had a pair of 3.5s I listened to many times and he bought my 3.6s.

The 3.6s are one grade up for sure but both have woofer issues.
The 3.5 uses a bass equalizer to add artificial bass,
the 3.6 uses a passive radiator that emits a one note distortion to everything regardless of what power amp you use.
(No it's not power or current, we tried Krell 300s and Classic 120s)

All 3 speakers mentioned here have bass issues.
But for 1/2 the price I'd get the 3.5 to mate with a sub and turn off the eq.
3.5s are easier to place, it squeaks and thins out easier than the 3.6, but nothing you cant fix by changing out a cap or two.
The 3.5 goes deeper in the bass region, but the bass is a bit limited in SPL output. The 3.5's has a much easier impedance load. The 3.5's eq augments the natural roll off of the woofer. As such it makes demands on the amp. This is somewhat offset by the fact that the impedance load become gradualy higher as the eq's power increase demands. The eq does offer two levels of bass boost to accomdate different size rooms. The sealed box of the 3.5's allows for better time and phase intergration. The 3.5's midrange driver surrounds can fail, but, Thiel's customer support is second to none and can be counted on to provide terrific support.
The 3.6's don't go as low, but offer greater SPL's. The 3.6's demonstrate a notably smoother mid to high frequency response.
Both benefit greatly from high quality, high powered amps. You can get by with some(!) budget gear, but you'll never hear what they're truly capable without the appropiate amplification. Unless you have a very high amplifier budget, top quality ss amplification is recommended. If you can't afford to power them properly, perhaps other speakers should be considered. The 3.5's are more fussy with regard to the mid to high frequencies, but 3.6's impedance load is more demanding.
FWIW, though I might be in the minority, and despite the 3.6's obvious advantages in some areas, I prefer the 3.5's.
At the current asking prices the 3.5's might be one of the best baragins in all of audio. Just bear in mind that, both, and perhaps especially in the case of the 3.5's, break from my and many others typical advise, in that to get them to work at their best, you might need to spend more on amplification than on the speakers to maximize the total systems sound.
Either way need a LOT OF POWER and VERY CLEAN sounding source gear and source material. Something warm in the system like Cardas cables would help. Both are "long in the tooth" so check on issues like component aging (Thiel customer support would help.).
If I remember correctly Art actually took over the 3.6s from my friend after we both gave up and went with Avalons. I guess Art had Thiel 3s right?
Hi Johnson! Nice that you are still in the hobby! Yes I am the voice of experience when it comes to Thiels! I have owned 8 pairs over the years. I used to spend a couple years with Spendors, then own Thiels, then Proac, then Thiels.... I always liked the Thiel transparency and cojones. Several years ago I got hooked on Silverline though, and tubes.... What's your current "audio addiction" Johnson?

Believe it or not I have "downgraded" from Avalon Eidolons to JM Lab Utopia Divas (call me crazy but I spent quite a bit of time modifying them, in stock form they are terrible, but I got tired of the Accuton ceramic tweeter of the Avalons). Read my review of the Diva Utopias and you'll know what my system is like.

Silverline's are pretty good and Alan Y is a nice guy. I listened to the Boleros and are quite impessed. Definitely all-round better than Thiels.

Back to Mikey44, you can definitely trust Art's opinion when it comes to Thiels. What kind of music do you like, and sonic presentation, and what power amp do you have?

In terms of
Well, I like vocals, instrumentals, jazz if it's not too 'crowded' (everyone playing at once) and maybe even Van Halen once in a while. I'm tending towards ML Quest Z's at the moment, and the 3.5's are a few hrs away, so...I'll go hear them, just not in the immediate future. I think hearing them would answer a lot of questions...good info though, keep going on if you like, 're-routing' the thread is fine with me as I have all the answers I need right now at least, though I'll continue to read... :)
Hi Mike,

Sorry, nothing to add. I've owned a pair of 3.6 for over 8 years. But I have never heard the 3.5.

Just want to say hi to Johnson and Art as I've not talked to them for a long time.

Johnson, I want to hear your new system. My house is under a major remodeling, including adding a new dedicated room. It won't be done until mid summer. So I have nothing to listen to these days.