Thiel VS Green Mt

After listening to lots of speakers I still have not heard anything I like better than my Thiel CS 2.3s although the Gallo Nuc. Ref. 3s were close. I am at the point where only time/phase accurate speakers will do for me. I am very interested in the Green Mt Callistos but there are no dealers less than an 8 hr drive away. Has anyone compared these two speakers? I have a REL sub so the limited low end of the Callisto is not a worry. About the only thing I would like to change with my Thiels is the slight brightness on many recordings.

Tim McTeague
i don't think you'll find much better than the thiel 2.3(my refference speaker) except for the cs-6 and 7.2(these 2 require much more space to get the most). i am running the 2.3 w/a pass labs x-350, x-2. Harm Tech pro silway II's and pro-9 speaker cables. I have auditioned and heard my speakers over the years and i have yet to hear anything like them.

I'm not sure if the Hyperion 938s are within your budget ($4500 retail but dealer dicounts are available), but I can pretty much gaurantee a huge improvement. I have heard the Thiel 2.3 and their higher models. If there is no dealer near you, Hyperion, I think, will offer in home trial minus shipping. You won't have brightness problems with the Hyps unless you have really cheap electronics.
I always thought a thiel vs. GMA vs. Vandersteen would be interesting. Similar concept re the phase and time alignment, differing exectuions.
Tim, GMA uses fewer parts in the crossover than Thiel does. Those extra parts could be whats causing the harshness on some recordings. Give the Callisto a listen. I think you'll be impressed.