Thiels and Tubes

Anyone out there had any success with tube amps and Thiel 3.6's or any Thiels? Currently I am using Classe 200, haven't run out of gas yet. I'm wondering if there is a tube amp that will drive these speakers.
I have a pair of 3.6's. The impedence dips down to between 2 and 3 ohms at certain frequencies. I recommend that you stay with a (good) solid state amp. You don't need to get tubes to make the Thiels sound good.
There must be many... I heard a pair of KR enterprise 6000 (I think) drive the 3,6 well -- but at a cost. Surely, big Jadis, Lamm & the like would do. Again, very expensive! I like tubes, but also find the 3,6 a difficult load at times (a good friend has these and we have experimented around: he also wanted tubes) and perhaps sticking to ss is a solution for now...
Hi Pops,
It's been awhile but I used to own your speakers and tried a bunch of tube amps but could never get the power they seemed to need, I then sold them to a guy and hooked the up to his MacIntosh MC-75's and we both about fell over it was simply incredible. I tried to reneg and buy his amps but no deal. Try it. Good luck
I have 2.2's, a much kinder load than 3.6's. I used to power them with a Classe 70, the forerunner to the 100. I substantially improved every aspect of their performance save for bass impact, extension and control by switching to a CJ MV-55 (actually, I usually prefer its bass presentation as well, finding it better balanced on most music). The CJ is rated at 45wpc, and I wouldn't attempt to use it with the 3.6's. But given my experience, if I owned 3.6's and was tube-curious, I would try to audition them using a pair of Premier 12's by all means. Let us know what you learn if you experiment. Good luck and happy listening.
I own a pair of 2.3's. The only tubes I auditioned them with was AR-200's. ok sounding.

I like my 2.3's w/pass labs x-150 and x-2 preamp. Nice tube like sound w/no tubes.

Check em out