Thinking about buying Zu Definitions, need advice

I am interested in the Zu Definitions and have a few questions about them. To give you some context my current setup is Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1 speakers, Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mono Blocks, and my source is the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC which streams FLAC files from my music server.

Unfortunately there isn't a dealer near me so I haven't been able to listen to the Zu's.

My first question is regarding my room size. It isnt an extremely big room.
Length: 16.5ft
Distance from speaker to center sitting point: 11.5ft
Distance between speakers: 6.5ft
Wall on left hand side ~2ft from speaker
Right hand side is open for ~10 more feet
Speakers are ~1.5 feet from the back wall.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the room. Do you think this would be big enough for the Definitions?

Secondly, what amps should I look into that would pair well with the Definitions? Any thoughts on the Tom Evans Linear A?
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Wasn't aware of Zu's 60 day demo program but was also hoping to buy them used on Audiogon rather than new.

Unfortunately I can't move the speaker locations to the long part of the wall. Hard to explain but it wouldnt really work based on the rest of the layout.

I figured the room is slightly too small for them but I guess my next question is, would they sound worse being too close together / in a small room vs. the setup I have now? Or would they just not be at their max potential?
Just spent all day Saturday at a Zu House Party in Atlanta. They are scheduling events like this, taking the demo to the customers at several places aroung the country who do not have a nearby dealer and who were unable to fly out to RMAF. Check the Zu site and e-mail them to see if a House Party is coming to your town, or nearby enough. They demo'ed Def 2's, Essence, and their new prototype which is targeted for under $2k. The Def 2's are impressive monsters, but honestly, they had the Essence set up in a large HT room with no sub and it was great - no sub required. Not just because it can hit LFs, but it is in no way lacking in body or depth for mids and LFs. Unless your space is gigantic, the Essence, IF properly set up (very important) will likely be all you need. I played jazz, rock, organ, cello music - all excellent tone, body and clarity. They were being driven with Cary 2A3 monos. Amazing sound and SPLs with those low power amps.

And as a TREAT, Mark Selby and Tia Sillers performed for us live. REALLY AWESOME!! Very talented and very nice people. Not sure if all House Parties will have such great talents like these two perform, but even still it is worth making one to hear the speakers PROPERLY set up.
Yah, but I ultimately don't want to end up with the druids. I have the gallos now and I feel like sound wise those are in the same range (though I know they probably sound totally different from each other). I really would only do this if it would be a significant upgrade. But yes the room is small so it may not jive with the definitions.

Any other input?
Presence probably would work better than Definition. it was designed for smaller rooms.

Zu is a speaker that frankly you need to demo before purchasing. I would call Zu and see if someone in your area has a pair and you can get a demo. Then you can order a pair and after 60 days figure out if its for you or not.
Buying used is nice, but it's nicer to get something that really works in your room instead of going through years of hit and miss and ultimately spending more on several used speakers. Perhaps you should bite the bullet and go for a home demo from ZU?
I suggest that you try the speakers in your room, they behave unlike most audiophile (bass-reflex) speakers.
The Definition sub-woofers are loaded by an acoustic suspension enclosure and the sub-woofer amplifier level is fully adjustable.
Also, bass above 60Hz is handled by a highly damped infinite-baffle enclosure.
Acoustic suspension and infinite baffle enclosures tend to deliver tight, well-controlled bass with very little overhang.
The speakers were designed to be adjustable in the bass. If you spend the time to properly position the speakers and adjust sub-woofer levels, I doubt there will be any issues regarding bass quantity.
Its great ot get other opinions but as others have said call Zu, share the info you have posted and see what they have to say, they won't try to push you into anything. Better yet check the tour area on their web site and see if there is a house party coming to your area. I just attended one. It can be very helpful, listening in a real home environment and talking to Ron and Sean, very informative. Ron even drove to my home the next morning and helped me dial in my year old Presence. Customer service at its best!
Thanks for all the helpful advice. I will definitely call Zu and see what they have to say.

Does anyone have input as to what amps pair well with the Definitions / if the Tom Evans Linear A is a good match?
Cary 2A3 sounded very good with the Defs and Essence. Amazing the volume you can get with so few watts.
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