Thinking of trying Beldon Iconoclast speaker cables. Any on hear own or auditioned?

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I’m not looking for other cable recommendations. I was ready to purchase a set of ZU Event cables. However, someone over on thed Ps Audio forums replaced their ZU cables for the Iconclats and says he noticed an improvement and prefers the Beldons.

I asked over on the Hoffman forum about the Beldons and it turned into a snake oil debate. Outside of the Audio Beacan reviews, not much user opinions.

Just curious anyone here has experience with the Iconoclast speaker cables. Also, opinions on the IC interconnects would be appreciated as well

I have no experience with these cables, but FWIW the electrical parameters of the speaker cables and interconnects look appealing.  In the case of the speaker cables it's nice to see low inductance achieved without the side effect of high capacitance.  Although the design and manufacturing techniques which make that possible are undoubtedly major contributors to the highish price.

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I wonder what the general difference in sound charatoristics are with the three different options for cable stock ( read below)

“The conductor choices for speaker cable are TPC, OFE and SPTPC. TPC is Electrolytic Tough-Pitch Copper, widely used in communications cable of all sorts. OFE is Oxygen-Free Electrolytic Copper (99.99% pure). SPTPC is Silver-Plated Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper. The outer jacket color is red/black for TPC, blue/black for OFE or SPTPC.”