Thorens TD1600 VTA adjustment

For all the TD1600 owners out there, 

How do you adjust the VTA? The manual just says to "loosen the circlip" or collar at the base of the TP tonearm with the supplied tool. There are holes all around the circlip into which this tool fits. However, the tool is a smooth cylinder, not a hex shape or notched that I can see. There is nothing for it to catch on, so the tool just spins inside the holes. Does the tool function as a lever, where i insert it and attempt to rotate the entire collar loose either clockwise or counter? Given the delicacy of the suspended assembly, I am nervous about torquing the tonearm base at all. 

I've read the TD1600 manual and the TP92 tonearm, and still have no idea what to do. 

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Looking at the manual, it appears that there are two threaded collars. The upper one with the holes is the locking ring and must be screwed away from the bottom one by turning it CCW. Insert the tool from the right side into one of the holes and push back to loosen. Then turn the bottom ring to adjust the height of tonearm. Once adjusted, tighten the locking ring.  

those screw/allen head set screws, sme’s I forget but not easy, methods suck, very hard to be precise, you need 3 hands!

A big reason to buy your own Tonearm is easy and precise VTA arm height adjustment.

I have personally installed

a. JVC UA 7082


b. acos lustre gst 801


Technics B500 Base with interchangable arms. here’s one with the 250 wand




Micro-Seiki 505


c. Technics BP-500