Those who upgraded from an AMR DP-777 to...

another DAC with volume/preamp but not the SE upgrade.  I've been wanting to pose the question for sometime now knowing it will most likely just bring on more option anxiety so consider it curiosity at best please.  I'm not unhappy with it but I have had it a while and y'all know how it goes.  I have a Wyred modded dac going into it currently with a plinius sb-301 and psb twenty.26s.  I'm very happy with the Plinius and the speakers sound great with jazz but when it comes to heavy metal it leaves a little be desired and I have been wondering a new dac would possibly remedy that a bit.  

Cheers Gentlemen,

when it comes down to Hard Rock/Metal, you will have to demo the gear of interest for best outcome.  I am a Jazz hound myself and came from a Hard Rock/Metal background. There are more similarities than one may think. Jazz has the upper hand as it is more intellectual in nature. Better recorded/produced as well.

Rock, Hard Rock and Metal music (in general) is poorly recorded/produced.

I would say smoothness.  Jafant, yes I'm aware some of the music I sometimes listen to is poorly recorded.

If you listen to rock and heavy metal, you should change your speakers to something more in the sound-reinforcement vein.  Mark Levinson has taken this approach with his Daniel Hertz speakers, which are a hybrid of audiophile and pro-sound concepts.  IMO, audiophiles who buy the traditional high-end brands for rock are barking up the wrong tree to a large extent.  
Get your self a Quested Z8 Active Speaker. These can be trashed around and still holds its composure and balance.