Upgraded to Tidal today

Followers of my recent post are aware that I recently sold my nice SOTA TT and have gone all-in with digital sources.  I am pretty lazy, I admit it, and have come to love the convenience and depth of the Spotify jazz catalogue.  I thought the Spotify stream sounded pretty good, but upgrading to the PCM-quality Tidal subscription, it became immediately apparent the inferior sound of the Spotify stream.  I chuckle to myself that Tidal sounds just like CDs through my Oppo CDP, which is pretty much equivalent.

The SQ with Tidal is extraordinarily more revealing in every respect compared to Spotify. Yet to be determined is the depth of Tidal's jazz recordings.  But, as I listen at the moment to Lee Morgan's "Sidewinder" recording, I am really beside myself as to the quantum leap the Tidal SQ is compared to that of Spotify.  I reckon it would be difficult to go back to Spotify.  
@whitestix congrats having done the same some years ago I know what a profound sound quality upgrade you've made. And I find the Tidal jazz catalog to be quite deep and varied and I listen to tons of jazz.
I made the same move a couple of months ago and agree that the Tidal jazz catalog is quite good.  

I hope/assume you subscribed to HiFi since that's really the way to go to get MQA content. How are you streaming Tidal, PC or a streaming device?

Shadorn, does Roon add anything to the sound quality or its just a better way to organize/manage content? Sorry, being lazy with the research.

I do have the HiFI subscription and stream it through my iMac.  I downloaded JR River, don't understand how to use it with Tidal.   Just downloaded Tidal's Music Center.  
I have the hifi version of tidal. Started with the free 30 day trial just before Christmas. I run thru a few devices in my home and in the car.  At home in my main system I use my oppo 105.  The system in our family room uses a Mac book and a music hall 25.3 DAC. Really like the deep catalogue. 
@whitestix ,
Now isn't it nice not to have to get up and change the record?
Just kidding...

In any case, Tidal does offer HQ sound, but I feel their catalog inferior to Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify isn't offering HQ streaming. It isn't bad, but just not as good.
I look forward to Quobuz coming to the US soon.
My sense is that Tidal's jazz library is not as extensive as Spotify.   The difference in SQ between the two is profound.