thought on balanced interconnect from dcc2 to amp


I was wondering if someone has experimented with optimal balanced interconnect from emmlabs dcc2 to solid state amp.

I am currently running the dcc2 into a rowland 302 amp. with a balanced Nordost quattro fil(oh my speakers are watt puppy 7).


Karmapolice -- yikes! Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself! Well, I don't know how far you're running the XLR's, but you can never go wrong (for quietness and no-smear accuracy) with Purist, Transparent or Siltech (I favor Purist, and I'm sure others have their favorites) I left out Magnans because they do better for the source side of things, and don't do that well in longer runs (can be brittle sounding -- I think it's an impedance-matching thing). However, with your equipment, a very special cable that I think might just be the ticket is the Madrigal CZ Gel. There is an 8m pair (if you need that much) on AgoN right now for a great price. Check it out. (No they're not mine!)
Thanks Nsgarch for your advice but I decided to take the safe/easy route and just get nordost valhalla. It seems that many if not most dcc2/cdsd and wilson speaker owners use valhalla so figure I cannot go wrong.


p.s. Karmapolice is my homage to the band Radiohead