Thoughts on Aimee Mann....

I'm expecting her latest to arrive within hours on lp.

I've seen her twice in the same city. The first time was her last show of her tour. It coincided with the Eastern Music Festival in my town. It was a small college venue. She was upbeat and kind of inspired, upon reflection. She invited several guests to come on stage and play various instruments to one song. It was a great evening!!

I saw her a year later on her f### smilers tour in town. A different venue. She performed alone. The evening was a BIG disappointment! Not only did she have little motivation/interest in being there, the sound was awefull!

I know that she has great songwriting ability. I auditioned her latest before ordering. It seemed exceptional.

Any thoughts!
I have seen her live twice---once in a small theater venue (300 seats) and more recently at the 9:30 Club in DC (standing only).  Musically both were awesome nights.  Sonically the small venue was superior.  But for sheer sound quality I would take her LPs played on my hifi at home.
I pulled out me MFSL "Bachelor No. 2" this weekend. First time in years. I remembered it not being the best sounding lp I own. It was worse than I remembered. I switched polarity and voila', it became a much better sounding record. Still no where near MFSL's best but much more listenable.

@salectric, Did she perform solo or with a band? Since I've seen her perform both ways, I prefer her with a band. She seemed somewhat uncomfortable and had little motivation solo.

I have her catalog on CD. I enjoy her work w/ Til Tuesday as well.
Every major artist/band can have an "off" night. Happens to the best/worst of them. Do not forget about the flake factor too.

Happy Listening!
At the club Aimee was in a duo, but at the theater venue she had her full band.  I prefer the fuller, more complex sound with the full band.  Your post motivated me to play my MFSL record of Bachelor No. 2.  It really is a great album and one I haven't played for a couple years, so thanks for prompting me.
This has motivated me to put on my MFSL "Lost In Space" later.

I'm saving her latest for next weekend.


"Lost in Space" is where I got started with Aimee Mann.  Unfortunately I only have her music on two LPs---Lost in Space and Bachelor No. 2.  The rest are on CDs and while her CDs actually sound very good I just don't hook up my digital gear very often so that means I don't play her other albums much.
Couldn't wait. No contest, "LIS" is clearly sonically superior. No need to switch polarity for sure.
I'm a huge Aimee Mann fan.  I have all of her solo catalog on both CD and Vinyl.

I fell in love with her during her tenure with 'Til Tuesday.

Seen her live a few times. 
I really like the f&##smilers album. I also got turned onto her in the Til Tuesday days. I remember reading an interview with them where on their 2nd album they used Rhett Davies as a producer because they admired the sound from Roxy Music's "Avalon" album. I am a huge Bryan Ferry fan and thought Aimee's desire to match the sound standard of Avalon was a terrific goal. Been a fan ever since. 
the both is a mixed bag for me, mainly because the production is demo quality + ted leo is, frankly, a terrible singer whose yowl is particularly ill-suited to aimee's dulcet tones. that said, the songs are by-and-large there, with "gambler" and "you can't help me now" being genuinely great.

i did find aimee's latest, mental illness, a let down--so laid back as to almost disappear. i will revisit it--her albums have a tendency to grow on you. i initally discarded "the forgotten arm" before coming back to it and recognizing its brilliance.

I have listened to "Mental Illness" on lp now once. I have to say I enjoyed it. While it doesn't really break any new ground, the sonics are VERY good and to me, it's the best balanced lp I own of her solo stuff. Overall, it is an even keeled record with no stand out songs. There is the accompaniment of a quartet that adds to this latest effort. Glad I bought it.
And I thought she was all mine :)

"There was a farmhouse that had long since been deserted
We stopped and carved our hearts into the wooden surface
We thought just for an instant we could see the future.
We thought for once we knew what really was important..."
We'll just have to share:)

Just listened for the second time to "Mental Illness". Enjoyed even more!

I bought the 7" , 2 song vinyl a few years ago, just so I could have some vinyl from #@%&*! Smilers.