Thoughts on P S Audio Stellar Dac

Anyone have any thoughts on PS Audio Stellar DAC ? Thinking about buying one but I have never listened to it.
they have a free home trial, if you are unaware. this company is service oriented and easy to communicate with
I have one (and the matching stereo amp).  In another system, I also have the NAD M12 (also a DAC/Preamp) and matching amp, and Parasound Halo gear in yet another system.  On a value basis, the PS Audio is easily the best of the three system.  On an absolute basis, the NAD gear is a bit better, but the difference is less than you might think give it’s significantly higher cost.  FWIW, both systems completely smoke the Parasound P3 and A23 amp I have. 

Of course, these are my opinions only, but I’m very happy w/ the PS Audio stellar system overall and particularly on a value basis.  It’s very easy to listen to.