Thoughts on Scansonic MB6-B or new Scansonic in general

I am interested in the latest version of the Scansonic flagship, the MB6-B, but I have not had the opportunity to hear them. As I understand, they are designed based on some of the Raidho design, but more economical.  I've messaged briefly with Audiogon member @verdantaudio, because Scott is a dealer.  He has graciously offered to allow me demo the MB1-B, but before I put him to that trouble, I'd love to hear the thoughts of folks who have experience with them?  Do you own them?  If so, what do you love about them?  Did you own them? If so, why did you move them along?  What associated equipment did you find worked well with them?  What didn't work?  I appreciate your time in responding.  This forum can be a wealth of information.