thoughts while listening

what thoughts or visual images do you have in your mind as you listen to various types of music.

A guy would have to be dead to not respond to that image of Taylor Swift (I don't even have her music :^).

The other girls are all in my library and I sincerely love them for their talent and the images they put in my head.

When I listen to classical music, I am in the audience in the perfect seat. When listening to Jazz I am in the club. But when I listen to pop/rock/soul I am in the MEXICANA BAR in Frankfurt, Germany in 1968! :)
That Joe Henderson sounds like he is trying out a new mouthpiece on Andrew Hill's "Point of Departure".
Good post, music is different for everyone.

Sometimes a recording will transport me back to another time in my life. A certain song might connect me to a specific person or event so long ago that the emotion and the memory form simultaneously as an image.

One old Beatles song instantly puts me in my red Chevrolet Impala with the windows all rolled down, dual exhaust roaring as I pass by the Tower movie theatre in exactly the same spot, even after all these years.

It's almost like the smell of something wonderful cooking that was a favorite when you were a kid. A time when the joy and energy of youth surrounded you and you didn't have a care in the world.

Some of that still persists in my heart today, although my body has lost that youthful energy and joy that we're only blessed with in those early years.

The music of the Doors also do that to me but frequently not so joyful an image of the occasion. Perhaps due to the violent and turbulent times we experienced when their music was popular.

I grew up in the South and frequently a mix of pop, blues and rock played on local radio. I still have a deep love for all those types of music as well as Dave Brubeck who introduced me to Jazz.