'scuse me while I kiss this guy?

Just for laughs, check out www.kissthisguy.com for this and other misunderstood lyrics.
when i saw jimi, in milwaukee, a few months before his death, he pointed to cox and sang the lyrics to suggest just that!! kurt
he annoited my unborn son by an accidental elbow in my wifes stomach (7 months)aterward at the scene niteclub
There is actually a book by the same name. Not sure if the web site is by the author, but if I can find the book, I will post some of them. VERRY FUNNY.
I'm listening to "Live At Winterland" and Hendrix actually does say "scuse me while I kiss this guy".  The show was a 1968 performance.  So was Jimi goofing on how people misunderstood the lyric and was that part of his live act?
Yeah, Jimi liked to have a laugh and he would use the, "kiss this guy" line and point to somebody in the audience.  I've seen it in one of his concert films.  Monterey, I think