Why I use to fall into sleep while liste

I use to fall into sleep very fast (after 4 or 5 songs)while listening to music at this speaker setup. My room is 96"H x 147"W x 177"L, and I set up my speaker along the short wall (60" from rear wall,39" from side wall, and 80" from the tweeter to my chair). However, if I change one of any distance above (around 12"), I can listen 4 to 5 hours without sleeping. I don't understan why this happen. Can someone explain this?
Strange you should mention this, because, when tired, I also tend to fall asleep, while listening, especially with the lights out. However, with me, this only happens, when I am happy with the system, when nothing bugs me, so I just concentrate on the music until concentration fails me and I drop off into sleep.
Now, only in case we function in a similar manner here, one might infer, that when listening in the perfect position, you are happy and can drop off, if you change this, your attention is fixed on you system and hence you won't sleep.
A wild guess, I agree, since we are all essentially different in our ways. Very curious about the next posts and about your other thread DT, I am happy that you will consult with an electrician and I doubt that for this post you will have to consult a shrink! Regards
I agree with Detlof. The only time I've fallen asleep is when I was perfectly happy with the system. Listening then becomes so relaxing that you can drop off from time to time.
"Why I use to fall into sleep while liste" /Le'me guess you were tired? / Naw,to easy /gotta be more than that. Maybe akin to watching a movie you've seen before? (nothing does it better than that, for me) Software you've heard multiple times? Your to familar with your system? Solution : get out there and spend more money!! Trouble maker is my middle name./can't remember my last name tho. That's why I always carry my dr. lie.
Maybe the exercise involved in changing the dimensions increases the blood flow to your brain? Maybe it puts you out of the sweet spot for the subliminal hypnotic messages on your recordings? I used to experience the same thing, but changing the dimension had to do with tilting the chair back. Actually I like Detlof's theory better.
In a music hall with reflections from the rear that are a bit too strong, your ears (and brain) struggle to focus. This process tires anyone listening. Perhaps there is a strong reflection at your "sleeping position" that you are unaware of, or is it that you fall asleep to certain favorite recordings, and not others?
worldcup86: i'd bet the problem is with your rack. too quiet. get yurself onna them sistrum things and the ringing will keep ya' awake. 'least that's what i hear from draudio.
I fall asleep at different recordings even with Super Natural recording at lound volume. It doesn't only happen to me, but my wife also. Talked to a friend of mine, and what he said is my speakers are on the right spots that all requencies are smooth out so that my mind is more relax???
However, I just changed the speaker setup to along the long wall last two week, and no more sleeping. The sound on the long wall is better than the short wall in term of detail, imaging, soundstage, but I lost a little bit of depth. So, that's all of my experience, and I have no idea why it happened like that.