Three Blind Mice 45RPM 6LP set opinions

Has anyone listened to the The Best of Three Blind Mice 45RPM set from Boxstar Records? I listened to their Julie London 45RPM release the other day and found her voice unnatural (very resonant to the point of annoying) and two tracks had surface noise to the point where listening was not enjoyable. Before I break the seal on the Best of Three Blind Mice set, I thought I'd ask what others think of that release and perhaps their experience with Boxstar, in general. Thanks in advance.

my copy should arrive today...i'll break my seal and let you know tomorrow...i hope it's good
My set arrived this week, and I've given all six records a listen. With the exception of *Misty* (which contained too many low grade pops on Side A; fewer of Side B) all was perfect. Excellent sound IMO - - - but I can't make a comparison to the originals, as I've not heard them.

I will do a heavy duty scrub of Sides A and B of *Misty* this weekend and let you know if there's any improvement.

BTW - - I also have the Julie London Boxstar set and like it very much - - - dead quiet surfaces and, though I've not compared it to the original, the reissue I have pales in comparison.
Well, I did a scrub job on the first two sides of *Misty* and the results are positive. While the record is not absolutely dead quiet, surface noise has been reduced to a very, very low level, and the record is now a keeper.

In case anyone is interested, I cleaned the record on a Loricraft PRC-4 using an Osage brush and applying Smart's "Potent Formula for Very Dirty Microgroove Records." (As I do with all new records, I originally gave it a light cleaning on the PRC-4 using Nitty Gritty's Pure 2. Whenever that doesn't do the trick, I always switch to the Smart fluid.)

Jfresh - let us know if your copy passes muster or not.
mine got back ordered...will be a few more days...will let you know.

fyi, I use the Keith Monks Break the Mold and Discovery Fluids. Really impressed with these fluids. Also using a Monks to vacuum it off...
Jfrech - If the Loricraft PRC-4 is the Mercedes-Benz of RCM's, then the Monks is the Rolls Royce! Are the fluids you mentioned easily obtainable in the U.S.? Where do you buy yours?
Listened to four sides of the Three Blind Mice reissues and the sound is great. There are a couple of ticks on one of the sides. For the money spent on these audiophile LPs, I expect quiet records. I just listened to Mulligan Meets Webster today, a 45 rpm issued by the Original Recording Group and while the sound is the best I've ever heard of this recording, I was amazed to hear two loud pops in a row on one of the sides. Really annoying. Am I being unrealistic in my expectations? Seems to me that for the money we spend on the 45rpm releases, they should be quiet. As for Julie London, I got a replacement 45rpm set and it's quiet and the hyper resonance I experienced with the first copy is gone. Sounds terrific.
Run you finger along where you hear the pop, alot of
times it's something that can be removed. I do it all
the time, you can feel it if something is there. I just use my finger nail & scrape it off. Just be carefull.
I just did it to a 45 RPM LP but made a mark, no pop
after though, dead quiet. First time I ever made a mark.
I finally opened the shrink wrap, clean and listened to 4 of the 6 lps. Very quiet vinyl, very well recorded. I like notes on the stage, instrument/mic placement. The midnight sugar lp is to die for...blow up, while nicely recorded, just isn't my kind of music...

Now I am sure plenty of others will have the opposite opinion and prefer the 1st album. Anyway this set is worth buying for the sound quality's not best, but not far from it...