Threshold SA/1

So I inherited a pair from my father who has used them for the last 20 years. Cosmetically in great condition, but one unit was unfortunately shipped upside down and one of the caps leaked. Last recap was early 2000s and they need to be voltage changed to 120v since they are from Europe. So they need to be recapped and fully serviced.

The options from what I can tell are sending them to Threshold in Texas, to Soderberg in CA or a qualified repair shop in the mid Atlantic. I live in DC. Cost quoted by Threshold and S. about 2k plus shipping both ways (200lb).
I am worried about the shipping as they are irreplaceable and I had UPS damage amps before.
- Are there any good repair shops in the mid Atlantic?
- If they have to be shipped - Soderberg or Threshold?
- Does anybody have experience with the amps. Which parts should be upgraded?

From what I read these are classics, Pass’s Stasis design, class A and look great with the analog meters.I remember they sounded good in the past, but would certainly like to hear them with my system.


Shipping is shipping. You pays your money.... Double-pack, with at least 1" styrofoam between inner and outer cartons. Plaster the outside with GLASS and FRAGILE and HIGH END FURNITURE. There are also SHOCK DAMAGE units, little plastic stick-ons with an exposed glass vial. Shippers see that and they are careful. They may not care about your amps but they sure will care about that stupid glass vial because that breaks and they are looking at a damage claim almost guaranteed.

Finally, on the return, have it shipped Hold For Pickup and you come and pick it up at the station.  

Some suggestions: Asking the delivery service what is required for fully insured delivery, and then video taping that process. Have the deliverer do the packing. Put them on a pallet and use a commercial shipper. Ask the receiver what delivery services seemed to work best.
BTW, I’ve had very satisfying results from Jan Sodetberg of Vintage Amp Repair. Having the work done by him or the new Threshold will increase the value , having unknown entities do the work could decrease the value. Hold on to receipts. Properly updated, these amps can compete with much more expensive newer amps.
A friend who delivers for UPS told me to NEVER put a “fragile, glass or breakable” stickers on your package as it a sure way to get the item damaged. You really have no idea what goes on in the UPS warehouse. 
He was right .I  just bought a very good friend a $35O plate for 4 setting for Christmas .It was very well packed still two plates were broken.
Lucky the firm I bought it from gave me my money back.
Thanks for all the feedback on the shipping. I suspect the amps will have to go on a pallet, but even LTL is damaging and losing goods frequently in our company. I suspect you package as good as possible and roll the dice.

When talking to Threshold they say that the amp will be brought back to factory settings. Vintage amp from what have been reading has done unknown modifications to increase performance. Has anybody experience with modding the equipment vs factory refresh? I read about larger caps etc.

FWIW, I have been led to believe that the original designer of your Threshold’s, Nelson Pass has endorsed his former Threshold employee Jan Soderberg’s work.
Your choice is between the company that will insure that they produce as close to original sonics as possible and the man who will insure that they produce the best sonics possible. 

I know what my choice would be: Soderberg all the way. Have a Stasis 2 that he updated in 2003; transistors, resistors, hexfred diodes, power supply and circuit capacitors. The improvement in sound quality, primarily inner detail, smoothness, lower noise floor and frequency extension were startling. 

You really can't lose either way...except for that gnawing feeling of 'How much better could they have sounded if I'd sent them to Soderberg?' 

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