Thrilled with My New Bache Audio Speakers

I am a long term (10+ years) Merlin owner who just replaced my VSM’s (VSM-mme with custom Master Bam and Master RC’s) with a pair of Bache Audio Metro 001’s. I can say without hesitation that the Bache Metro 001’s are superior to the Merlins. The Metro 001’s have more accurate and natural timbre and tonality, and are the Merlins' equal in imaging and soundstaging. The 001’s provide more bass depth and heft, the highs are sweeter, and overall they are more forgiving and sound better with a broader range of recordings than the Merlins. My VSM’s sounded great with great recordings, but as several reviewers noted over the years, they are "ruthlessly revealing". I found that I was listening to less of my music collection with the VSM’s because they seemed to highlight the flaws in less than stellar recordings, and were slightly bright overall. The VSM’s are likely a touch more resolving, particularly in the highs, but nothing is missing when I listen to the Bache speakers, and I listen longer without fatigue and enjoy my listening more with the Metro 001’s.

Greg Belman of Bache Audio was great to deal with. I was able to talk with him about the design of the Metro 001’s before he built them, and ended up ordering the optional cabinet (3/4" thick bamboo instead of mdf), and the higher end Audyn True Copper Max crossover capacitors that he uses in his top of the line model. I picked up the speakers in person at his shop in Brooklyn, and was able to listen to them before he boxed them and put them in my car.

Highly recommended.
Excellent,so nice to have some user feedback on these very interesting designs.I like the ability to customize to your liking and the overall personal service you received.
I would definitely say this new small company has a promising future for sure.

Enjoy those new speakers,
Thanks for the feedback. His designs look interesting to me as well and he seems to have garnered some nice pro reviews. Were you able to have a trial period to make sure they work for you?
I did not ask for a trial period.  I took a chance based on the reviews and show reports and have not been disappointed.  I was willing to do this in part because the review of the Metro 001 at compared the 001 with two speakers I was familiar with.  
Hey cellcbern,

Congrats, on your Bache Speakers!  I'm the reviewer who gave the standard model of your speaker a five star rating on  I saw that on Audio Asylum some individuals were being critical of this design, but as usual they had not heard the speaker themselves.  Greg, is a good guy and a very talented designer.  I found the speakers to be quite musical and enjoyed having them in my home.
Thanks Terry,I did not stop, and  keep  working. If Anybody in
NY or NJ  area just welcome to my Brooklyn 
or Staten Island  listening room