Ticketmaster and other enemies of artists...

Did you notice that ticketmaster sometimes overcharging tickets more than twice already? Ticketmaster isn't the most crooked vendor! There are a lot more charging "conviniences" BRUTALLY to the point of 3...4x the original price of a ticket.

Here was my solution. Just took a ride to the box office, pulled out cash and purchased tickets YAY for original price leaving those crooks unpaid. $44 vs. 75+convinience fee at ticketmaster!

I'm sure that artists don't get enough bookings because of those crooks.

Do same as I do so they will go a lot slower!



Since Ticket Master merged with Lived Nation back in 2010 (?) they now control 70% of all live event ticket sales.   Lyle Lovett is coming to my city and playing at a 2000 seat venue.  Tickets anywhere on the main floor are selling at Ticketmaster for $477 each.  This is what happens when a company is allowed to have a monopoly.  It will be interesting to see what the ticket price is 5 minutes after the show starts.  For now, I have just stopped attending live shows.  It sucks but what is the alternative?  Being held hostage by Ticketmaster?  I think not.  

A great many venues do not have ticket windows/box offices for buying tickets in advance; you buy in advance online or you try your luck at the door if there are any remaining, where you'll probably still have to pay some kind of extra fee....

@larsman it is certainly true, therefore I do limit myself to the old skul box offices that still OK to accept cash forms of payment or card at window. I also limit myself to the non-mainstream performers. The venue I've went was Newport Music Hall in Columbus and this venue packs with standees and sitting so I'll pack myself in or get there early so I can choose sweetest spot myself. I have ways not to feed those greedy PIGS by using piece of mind and sharing it.

Snarky Puppy concert was FANTASTIC!!! 

I noted many classical shows are controlled by that ticketmaster MONSTER that really needs to be put asleep.

The more affordable convenience fees in the worst case can be used from AXS -- you'll need to register there so you can use their substantially lower rates than ticketmaster. 

Venues that do not accept alternate payments won't be on my list at all.


I may be mistaken, but here, a promoter either sells tickets through AXS or through Ticketmaster, but not both....  Back in the 70's, when you could queue up at a box office when tix went on sale, it was also great because if it was a reserved seat show, they had the best seats at the box office. 

I’m not a Pearl Jam fan, but they really don’t get enough credit for not only being the first band to take on Ticketmaster (almost 30 years ago), but being the most earnest, committed and true combatant, by far, that any artist has ever been in this worthy fight.  
The eternally hypocritical, BS-spewing U2 provided us with this richly virtuous commentary on the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger via their manager, Paul McGuinness:  
“Strength is a good thing.”  
Neoliberalism at its finest.