Tidal Connect not showing on iPad

I have used both the Bluesound Node and the WiiM Mini to stream Tidal to my system.  With the Tidal app on my iPhone, the Tidal Connect option appears under the speaker selection option and all works well.  However, within the Tidal app on my iPad, the Tidal Connect option does not appear - only the iPad snd Airplay/Bluetooth options appear.  I would prefer to use the Tidal app and use Tidal Connect to connect with the streamers, but I have no idea why Tidal Connect does not show up on the iPad app.  I have tried all the settings and Googled this problem, but cannot find anything.  Any clue why this is and how to fix it?  Thanks.


Odd. Shows up on both my iPhone and iPad. Do you have both your streamer  apps on your iPad?

Figured it out.  Under the settings for the iPad (the Settings app, not the Tidal app), navigate down to Tidal and move the slider to "Allow Tidal to Access the Network" Strange I did not need to do the same thing on the iPhone.

👍🏼 Figured it had to be a simple solution. Never remember having to do that on my iPad