Tidal Hi Fi +

Just got an email from Tidal saying I have been upgraded to Hi Fi+, which supposedly gives me access to the latest in sound technology. No other information so does anyone know what this means in reality? Are they upgrading their SQ or improving their search engine? Incidentally Qobus has just become available in Australia and I am about to use their free trial but does anyone know if it is possible to transfer my Tidal library and playlists  to Qobus if I decide to subscribe? 
It just means they (Tidal) are turning up the hype machine. Easy to copy p,/l’s from/to any service. Try Soundiz.
Congrats on having great SQ available.
And they are actively expanding their library.
Not perfect sound but as you improve your front end and coversion it gets pretty close.
Maybe it gets rid of MQA, heh heh.  Do whatever it takes to switch to Qobuz, and there are programs that can help you transfer your playlists.  The Emperor’s new clothes are off with regard to the MQA scam, so just consider yourself lucky you now have a better option.